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  • Joanne
    mesh strainer
    These strainers were just the ticket! The mesh is spaced very well and strong stainless. No sharp edges and well made. Not as heavy as my grandmother's old strainer but easy to manage and handle. The hook in the top allows me to put them on the pantry door with my wood hooks. I like many of my extra tools hanging where I can quickly put them away or find them. Drawers and jammed on a shelf is not good for your tools.These 3 sizes work well. The largest one is good for laying on a big bowl; the mid-size will work great for hand sifting flour on your baking board, draining a can of fruit cocktail quickly; the small one will strain your tea or anything your pour into a cup or glass. I know you will find a use for the different sizes since they will fill your needs
    no for now

    Jul 12,2018

  • Joseph
    nice mesh
    Have been very pleased with these strainers so far. Excellent value for the price - have seen ones in the store a twice or more the price and they don't seem nearly as well made. These are light-weight but seem very durable. At first, I was concerned about how "shallow" the largest one is as I planned to use it for straining my pasta - but it turns out that it's a bit wider than any old one I had so it actually holds the same amount. Love that I was able to get 3 different sizes (and that nest nicely) for such a great price. The company appears to be very customer service oriented as well. Received helpful information and a nice offer along with the product - as well as follow-up emails asking if we had received our product and were happy with it.
    No cons.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Eric
    I had NO idea how much I suffered from bad sieves until I replaced them! My LiveFresh strainers are easy to clean (broad, well-designed rims). There are no little wires sticking out that destroy cleaning cloths or pierce my fingers. The handles are well designed, easy to hold and very stable. Suddenly, draining food is ten times easier. This set is also quite competitively priced, so I am enjoying a bargain, as well. Couldn't be happier, and highly recommend this set.

    Jul 17,2018

  • Ann
    So we're dairy farmers in Maine and my wife used our previous strainer to whack a bull on the head that had gotten out of the pasture. The bull didn't notice but sadly the strainer did not survive the encounter, so we quickly ordered this set of LiveFresh Mesh strainers. Wow, they fit the bill perfectly. The large one fits over our larger milking can, and the medium-sized strainer fits over our one-gallon milking can like they were made for them. Exactly what we need.
    no cons

    Jul 20,2018

  • Donna
    Great strainers for a very reasonable price. These seem like they are better than the big brand ones like KitchenAid and Cuisinart, judging by the big brand ones that I've seen in the store. They are fine enough to rinse rice and quinoa, but don't expect to strain your dairy-free milk; get a milk bag for that.
    NO CONS.

    Jul 19,2018