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  • CandiceT
    Happy with it
    I really need to a massager, because I always have a neck pain after work. Therefore, I was looking for an good one in my local shop, but I was not really satisfied with all of them, so I browse online, after some research, I decide to buy this gun, I really like it, not only because of its smooth operation but also of its fancy appearance. Worth buying it

    Dec 10,2020

  • ktown
    Great relaxtion with it
    I have used the guns and they work really well where they get right down to where the pain is and just massages it out of there perfectly. There are six different massage heads that can help me relax the different parts of your body. It is pretty convenient and practical and good helper to release the stress after work or long trip

    Dec 10,2020

  • Cal
    Quiet but powerful
    This massage gun is quiet yet still strong enough to perform deep tissue massage. The amount of sound is comparable to normal talking voice. I like that size of the handle be used it’s long enough to use on my back without needing someone’s help. So I also want to recommend to you and buy it.

    Dec 21,2020

  • Tan
    Top product
    Got this for my after yoga relaxation cause tried the one my classmate using and I’m impressed how powerful this is and the battery also has long life

    Dec 14,2020

  • Kissick
    The quality is good
    It features good quality and its operation is also a piece of cake

    Dec 03,2020

  • Richard
    Wonderful massage gun
    Clear display, easy to use and inexpensive

    Dec 15,2020

  • Pedram
    Love so much
    I soooo looooove it without any doubt

    Nov 26,2020

  • Moallemian
    Top deal and Highly recommended

    Dec 15,2020