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    ts xiaomi mijia sunglasses
    Really good sunglasses for the price. When using the sunglasses you see everything in yellow colours, i find this sunglasses particulary good to drive. it really attenuates the sun light when driving. Although I prefer sunglasses that don't change the real colours as much as this ones, I still strongly reccomend it. The construction quality is very good and the it weights so low compared to simillar sunglasses.

    Feb 07,2019

  • patryk
    amazing quality
    these came really quick and are of a very impressive quality. polarized glasses are better then many known brands. nice!

    Nov 20,2018

  • Ezequiel
    Excelente Produto
    Recomendo, gostei, produto bem fino e elegante, óculos super leve e ótimas lentes.

    Mar 13,2019