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  • Rui
    Portátil e leve

    corpo magro, e ultraleves ultrafina, apenas a 11,5 milímetros de espessura. Portátil, mini tamanho prático, ele pode ser colocado facilmente em um bolso.

    Pop Up automática

    botões mecânicos elegantes, toque no cartão de visita para pop up automático.

    Alta seguranca

    Material de alta força de alumínio, o impacto forte, e resistência à corrosão. Seguro e proteger-se de roubo de identidade.

    Design ergonômico

    180 graus design ergonômico arco, pega confortável.

    Alta capacidade

    Ele pode armazenar 16pcs cartões de visita ou 6pcs cartões bancários.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Henrik
    More like a business card holder
    I bought this for the purpose to store my ID cards, credit cards, etc. The capacity is good, I can fit 6 regular cards and 1 embossed into it. The opening mechanism is elegant, but it does not eject the cards in a fan like fashion and you have to search through the cards until you find the one you are looking for. Therefore this product is more useful as a case for business cards. The design is very nice.

    Nov 29,2019

  • Alex
    Exactly what I needed
    I don’t carry a bag or a jacket at time so everything i take with my goes in my pockets. This is especially a problem in supermarkets. Carrying my phone, car keys, pocket knife etc and on top of that my thick leather wallet is a pain so i use this. I keep everything i need in my main wallet then put any card and money i need in this. Saved me a lot of bother and looks pretty cool.

    Apr 05,2020

  • Gabor
    szép és használható
    Jól összerakott termék, viszont vigyázni kell hogy ne karcolódjon meg. kb. 6-7 bankkártya méretű kártya fér bele. Nem nyilik ki magától, ha kinyitod akkor sem esik ki belőle semmi. Reméljük egyszer a forgalmi is kartyameretu lesz és akkor tényleg jó lesz irattartonak, de ez persze nem a termék hibája.
    Zsebben jól elfér.

    Jul 27,2019

  • petros
    MIIIW Portable Wallet ID Credit Card Storage Box ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )
    This is the prettiest wallet I've ever had. And pressing button to open the thing is uber satisfying and fun.

    I wish the little drawer would come out further, making it easier for me to select the card I want to take out. If the insides were lined with something soft, like maybe felt, it would make less noise as I walk (the plastic credit cards hitting the plastic insides make noise).

    I'm not sure if this is RFID secure.

    Sep 13,2019

  • Jesus
    Boa tarde
    A carteira de cartões preenche alguns requisitos para qual a adquiri.
    Visualmente bonita, trabalhando na perfeição, contudo penso que seria necessário que os cartões ao serem colocados ficassem fixos e ao abri-se a carteira saíssem por ordem.
    Satisfaz pela sua beleza, mas na prática fica a desejar, pois os cartões ficam soltos no interior.

    Nov 01,2019

  • Younes Laghzaoui
    good quality product
    I like everything about this product except the fact that it will be difficulté to choose a middle card
    the first and the last card are easy to take off but not the others

    Jul 24,2020

  • Peter Kallas
    Creditcard holder with auto opener.
    It is ok cardholder exept the fedder could bee a littel stronger. Fits good in your hand. Looks great. No sharp edges. Plastic cardholder.

    Oct 22,2019

  • Elmer Sapir
    Wish I had this sooner
    I like how small this is so it doesn't take up much room in the bag. I can just grab this and go not having to worry about a large wallet. Great for being a minimalist when going out as well.

    Apr 25,2019

  • Joyce Pater
    Great for holding credit cards safely and conveniently
    There are enough slots to hold a goodly number of necessary cards, easy to quickly find the one you need and protects them from damage in a purse or pocket.

    Apr 14,2019