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  • Peter T
    A bit pricey, but looks good
    -I've been using it over 3 months now and still I'm happy with it.
    -The frame holds the clock unit firmly
    -Lock of stripe is secure and reliable, never opened accidentally
    -The metal frame seems to be quite durable: only small surface scratches are visible on the metal frame
    -The stripe should have better quality: it is hard to show on the photos, but after already a few weeks of use it started to look worn (where the stripe connects to the metal frame), even though I'm "gentle" with the watch.
    -The stripe tends to get dirty by the time, but that comes with the white color, not with the quality

    Jun 27,2018

  • Joel Almanzar
    Product appears to be good quality, it was a bit too `` thick'' and bulky for me, for such a large wrist band I purchased the `` large size'' for my son, thiner water proof-resistent inner layer and larger inside pocket to make use of usable space, I think it's a good quality product

    Apr 05,2018

  • João Catré
    Very Good
    Love it!
    It's comfortable (not as much as the original strap, but it is good).
    Look's pretty nice, look's like a Tommy Hilfiger strap xD
    Not that sturdy, the package was not that good and the strap came a little bad, but completely useable!

    Mar 10,2018

  • PeterT
    mixed feelings
    -Looks very good, genuine for the first glance. Even for the second one :)
    -The metal frame seems to be durable, but the watch itself is slightly moving in it, doesn't sit too firm.
    -The wrist band looks quite worn after 10 days of careful use (office work, no sport or any heavy duty activity), see pics. Which is a shame, considering the price tag.

    Mar 14,2018

  • sharon muir
    I bought the large size, it all fit and was not heavy or uncomfortable, but I found I could either pull the band up a bit or rotate it so the pocket was on the other side of my arm

    Aug 29,2018

  • Alex Afonso
    Good product
    Average build quality and materials
    Metal frame looks good
    Nice colours and style
    Comfortable to use
    Could have better quality
    The band itself doesn't sit well

    Mar 16,2018

  • JoseA
    Pulsera juvenil y elegante de lona
    La pulsera es bonita y de colores vivos y juveniles. El material de lona no es de alta calidad, pero hace su función. Es elegante y le da un toque moderno a la xiaomi mi band 2. El cuerpo es de metal y la píldora se ajusta perfectamente bien.
    El material de lona no es de muy buena calidad.

    Apr 17,2018

  • Dennis A.
    I didn't have any plates left to use on other items, the smaller round plates work just fine and are the perfect size for cellphones, fantastic job

    May 11,2018

  • luisanna
    braccialetto diverso dagli altri! un po' più particolare!! svantaggio che si lega come un cinturino classico, ma a me piace tantissimo e poi i colori sono molto estivi!
    Molto più semplice da inserire la capsula

    Jun 21,2019

  • Olechka
    неплохой ремешок
    Хорошая цена, текстиль - не преет рука под ремешком, хорошо держит девайс.
    Торчат нитки, начинает мохриться через месяц, очень быстро пачкается, корпус быстро покрывается царапинами

    Feb 28,2018