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  • The good extension bits set
    The must have extension bits set
    This set is for wowstick battery powered screwdriver but also fits great to xiaomi wiha 24 screwdriver set. On the packaged declared the material is metal. What kind of metal is mystery. I think its not high quality steel otherwise it was accentuated on the packaged if it was the high steel s2 for example. The carrying solution is the worst imho. Not so practicable. Hard to find the certain bit and storing back. Almost full set of popular types of screwdrivers maybe lacks some more bits for ultimate set, but I still look for full complete ultimate screwdriver kit. Not used yet but feels descent quality. Need to find more practical storage and carrying solution.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Steve
    Suitable for precision equipment
    I primarily use it for light-duty projects or as support tools on bigger projects. This is a good bits to have for small fix it’s like glasses or light switch covers. I like that it’s small and useful. It makes the work of screwing and unscrewing screws and other fasteners much faster without having to use a more powerful cordless or corded drill. Feels good on my hands, bits are solid. The torque unscrewing and screwing is great and nearly silent. You’re obviously not going to build a shed or something with this but for the purpose of small fix it’s I love this.

    Aug 06,2019

  • tanj666
    Great tool
    This is a wonderful little tool, just what I've been after for ages - a powered mini screwdriver. I bought the extra set of bit to go with mine so I have sets X0-X3. Lots of handy bits now, I should be able to work on just about anything. The bits are decent quality too, well manufactured. The screwdriver itself is a nice weight with a decent motor. It holds bits magnetically but without too much force so changing bits is easy and there is little worry about them falling out.I decided to 3D print a holder to keep everything together.

    Jan 08,2020

  • Estelle
    Decent bits.
    Decent set. Those bits are pretty good. So far these are holding up well. Used them for some jeep mods. Would be better with a carrying case. They're also particularly long, which helps for getting into tight spaces. Now I needed the smallest bit to remove an item it fit well and is quite sturdy for as small as the bit is. At this price point I can’t complain. Made the right decision and the are indeed helpful tools to have.

    Jul 26,2019

  • Elton
    Definitely recommended!!
    WoW !! Amazing product! Very good product good quality and performance. they are useful and helpful, great for our business and use them for opening phone and computer, and they are compact, and it has the power to unscrew even the toughest and tiniest screws. The spots for the bits is magnetic so you wont loose em. Its a little slower than i expected but its a good thing for me. Definitely recommended!!

    Jul 23,2019

  • osborn
    Great electric screwdriver for the price
    Great tool. A very good size and flat screwdrivers. Magnetic quality is good, but I would like a little bit stronger to ensure not dropping a screw and then not finding it. The normal screw attachments for drills are too short for some projects. These are perfect for those difficult to reach applications. Very useful set of bits, and reasonably priced, it is a good combination!

    Jul 15,2019

  • L.G. Alexander
    Works as advertised
    Works as advertised. Tools were exactly what I needed for repairing specialty equipment. Technicians were very satisfied. I like the cost and the mount you get is a pretty good deal on these and do not strip like the other ones do and they’re just long enough for woodwork and cabinetry. Wish they were more durable.

    Jul 18,2019

  • Zebulon
    Highly recommended!
    Highly recommended. Steel like stone - I cant damage my new bits even if I crushed screw itself. These impact driver bits come in useful for places where you need deep drivers. This set comes with a nice assortment of sizes too. These aren't fancy, but they have worked well for my household projects. They hold up well.

    Jul 12,2019

  • Serg
    Xiaomi Wowstick 56шт 4мм биты
    Качество на высоте.До этого уже пользовался полным комплектом от Xiaomi Wowstick, этот комплект бит будет запасным на работе.Прекрасно подходит для разборки и сборки современных устройств, в которых применяется мелкий крепеж- мобильные телефоны, планшеты, нетбуки.Рекомендую для ремонтников.

    Aug 24,2019

  • Mona Wyld
    Sturdy screwdriver
    Sturdy tools and exactly what I was looking for. Good quality and good selection of bits. These are perfect for my household projects! I used this to take down my ceiling fan. The length makes them so easy to get in tight places. It worked out perfect.

    Jul 21,2019