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  • Tami S.
    I was very impressed and am looking forward to buying more and getting them installed into my tiny home, I really love that they have actually light switches giving them the feel of on-grid while being off

    Aug 20,2018

  • Dozer
    Only draw back is after a few uses the micro usb that connects the solar panels to the battery seems to loose fitting and takes some wiggling to get it to sit correctly so the battery can charge

    Jan 26,2018

  • Robin T. Faulk
    Love the sleek look and have had many people comment on it, it's mounted on the front face of a jon boat seat and provides both a fused and a switchable power circuit

    Mar 20,2018

  • M. Irwin
    Chris Goodall's interesting and well-researched book is based around an optimistic premise -- that pretty soon, the world is going to be run largely on solar power

    Sep 25,2018

  • cantu
    I bought this for a little more detail on the best way to bond a new panel, its a good book but it could be a little more detailed on the pictures its a little vague

    Feb 19,2018

  • komelina
    Installs easy and has tinned wire for marine use, to change fuses the face plate has to be removed so it is not as easy to change fuses as some switch panels

    Apr 08,2018

  • Marek
    It's good and working
    Fast deliverFantastic price, very cheapthey work wellFantastic Value. Good qualityNice product Thank You GearBest

    Sep 17,2018

  • cromwell enriquez
    It is in my daughter bedroom and she used it after Hurricane Maria - and now whenever the electrical system fails

    Dec 29,2017

  • butterflymom1014
    This product was easy to do, the wiring was well laid out and each switch is fused and comes with a spare

    Apr 11,2018

  • MLT
    I looks more professional and I'm sure it will last longer than the individual switches

    Jul 25,2018