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  • JJoz
    Great for use
    For photographers and everyone who stays outdoors below freezing, this little hand warmer is a wonderful discovery. It allows me to loosen my gloved finger to adjust my camera and take pictures in the coldest winter, but the temperature will soon rise afterwards. The hand warmer heats up quickly and can be adjusted from lukewarm to almost too hot. When you put these in your pocket, the cold for too long will not cause pain. In addition, it charges quickly, so it is actually much cheaper than a disposable bag.

    Dec 20,2020

  • Allen
    Really works
    My fingers get cold easily. I tried to warm them up with warm water, but the effect was not fast enough, and it was not always feasible to wear gloves inside. I found another device and ordered it. It seems to do a good job. Having discovered this gem, I have to say, I wish I could find it sooner. It doesn’t take a long time to charge, can be used many times, and it will really heat up

    Dec 23,2020

  • Davis
    If you don't read anything else in my review just read this. This hand warmer is exactly what I need, first of all, its design is very delicate and cute, this really attracted me. The small body allows me to put it into my pocket and take it to everywhere easily. The most important is it keep me pretty warm in this cold winter

    Nov 07,2020

  • Pat
    helped me a lot
    The work is very good and lasts many hours. My wife bought one for me and my son as a Christmas present. I have never used any hand warmer before, I will put it on my hand and it helped a lot in windy days.In fact I may order another so I can have one for each hand.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Jamu
    It will be fine as soon as winter arrives, and I can take it to play on the ice.

    Dec 08,2020

  • Chou
    Much better than I expected
    Much better than I expected. The charging lasted longer than I expected.

    Nov 13,2020

  • forbis
    keep my hands warm
    The weather has been very cold. This thing makes my hands very warm.

    Dec 11,2020

  • Karl
    it works well
    I been using this for 2 weeks now. and it works well

    Nov 17,2020

  • Merkling
    Great thing ever
    Pretty and good small Gadget, and useful

    Nov 15,2020

  • Far
    attractive and effective
    It looks attractive and effective

    Dec 02,2020