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  • Dubry2016
    Best Budget Box
    + Compact in size, + good quality of the HDMI cable, + 3 USB ports + SD card slot, + good experience with android 6.0.1, + nice user interface, with three choices: standard smartphone-like GUI, and 2 usual TV Box interfaces found in other devices + Fully loaded Kodi (Video addons like Exodus, Phoenix, 1Channel) (16.1rc3 - you can upgrade it to 17.3 from PlaySTORE if you want) + Overall satisfactory budget box, for the masses.
    - No cons.

    Aug 06,2017

  • Donovan Bailey
    I bought this because of the low price and figured I could not lose much, it came with an old version of Android and an old version of Kodi, using Google Play I was able to uninstall the old version of Kodi and install a new version, the instructions that come with it are pretty much worthless, i have ordered another much more powerful box to replace this one, this is a low priced box that does work, they don't cost much and really make it much easier to work the box

    Oct 05,2018

  • mr Ian MacRae
    nice box
    I buy all kinds of boxes and this is just the bog standard set up I would expect from a cheap box.Nothing fancy.works as it should.Bit slow in places.looks nice.will buy again if I get at a good price.I mean about £15 as wouldn't pay the silly price of over 20 for it.You can get better boxes for same top price.

    Mar 15,2019

  • Alex
    SCISHION V88 mini TV Box - Black EU
    Аппарат покупался для просмотра онлайн видео со своей задачей справляется даже с 1 гб озу. Если ставить приложения из apk файлов без добавления гугл аккаунта будет еще шустрее работать. Не всегда корректно уходит в сон при отключении.

    Jul 10,2019

  • tweety
    Rockchip means cheap chip
    RK3229 is faster than S805 chipset,and this box has Android 6.0 OS, which is a good thing. It can run Kodi player, which is also a good thing. It has a simple user interface and thats pretty much it with pros.
    I would say that ROM is not well optimized for this tv box, the boot is relatively long, and it looks that ROM is unstable. RK3229 + this ROM version is not the best combination, not by a long shot.

    Apr 02,2018

  • mr Ian MacRae
    nice looking.
    really nice looking box.great cheap box.works as it should when you put a build on it.I will buy again at the rite price as sometimes this can be a joke what they want for a bog standard box like this.hunt about for the best deal under £20 and snap it up.

    Apr 01,2019

  • mr Ian MacRae
    great box
    I buy boxes all the time from here and was happy i got this at the rite price.easy to set up and get it up and running.looks good.so all in all a descent box and would buy again as its cheap and does the same job as top of the range ones.

    Nov 01,2018

  • PLin
    With the streaming I was able to do it worked great however it did not work with what my family is used to streaming from Chrome, the make things worse the instructions are wrong and searching the Android store gives you numerous hits that do not really match the search

    Jul 31,2018

  • Helena Encarnacao
    Bom preço e qualidade superior ao que esperava. adapta-se em qualquer lugar devido ao seu tamanho, com saídas usb suficientes para ligar um despositivo Bluetooth ou seja um teclado para mais facilidade de manuseio e para usar também como armazenamento externo.
    O único contra até ao momento que encontrei foi que o cabo hdmi devia ser um pouco maior

    Jun 27,2018

  • Valo Peter
    Very Good
    Very good product. I have 3 android box from Scishion. Scishion V88 has very good menu. I am very satisfied. Small with good price.
    Kodi 16.1 but its not problem. I unistalling and install Kodi 17.3.

    Jul 04,2017