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  • Bonnie
    My families are really Like them
    My family is big into wireless earbuds and we have bought a range of products like Apple's AirPod But I would say these are perfect and they are probably the best earbuds that I have tried for the money. It has an amazing amount of play time. These could for long hours! That is better than others that I have tried at this price point.

    Dec 01,2020

  • Cara
    Finally found them
    I had a really hard time finding a wireless earbud that stays put in my ear while I work out, but these do. Not only that, they are very well priced and have a ton of features, like a wireless charging case. The case batter life seems to last forever, charging the headphone numerous times. The sound is great, zero complaints there.

    Dec 17,2020

  • Darlene
    Obsessed with them
    I've been obsessed with trying out different bluetooth ear buds. The range and sound quality are on par with other eadbuds / headphones. The battery life on each charge is fairly long for these types of earbuds (3+ hours) and recharge is swift. The battery percentage indicator on the small LCD is a really nice touch as well.

    Nov 26,2020

  • Eileen
    Decent sound
    Decent sound, excellent battery life. I am really into them

    Oct 12,2020

  • Honey
    Best headphones on all aspects
    Best product on all aspects, never regret buying them

    Dec 20,2020

  • Fay
    well-made headphones
    Great set of wireless earbuds with great features

    Nov 17,2020

  • John
    Great and attractive
    Awesome product, very satisfied with them

    Dec 31,2020

  • Joy
    Excellent bang for your buck! Good!

    Dec 03,2020