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  • Luigi
    My 9-year-old son got a brand new bike and of course, wanted every accessory to go with it. When he received the light, he was super surprised. He wants to ride all the time now! The battery doesn’t last long time. We could recharge it with a charging box. More environmental friendly! About durability, time will answer the question.

    Nov 02,2020

  • Paul
    Good product
    The lights look super cool. They arrived on time. I followed the picture of installation, which made it much easier to install. Because waterproof design and bright light, we could ride bikes even in the rain. People will be able to see us from a mile away at night. For the price, I am satisfied with this product.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Mike
    Coolest bicycle lights
    GREAT product! The lights are fun and functional! They are bright and easily noticeable from a distance. We had no issues installing the lights. My boys love this light. They go out to ride bikes every night. Bright patterns provide more security for them in dark conditions. Fantastic safety device. Highly recommend this creative light for you!

    Oct 26,2020

  • Louisa
    More safety in dark conditions
    My kids think these are awesome. With cute patterns, kids love cycling very much. Colorful lights increase the visibility of the bikes at night, especially when crossing roads. It provides more security for riders in dark conditions. It’s easy to set up and install. There are battery, battery box and charger included in the package.

    Aug 03,2020

  • Awesome light
    Awesome light
    I bought it as a birthday gift for my son. He loved it very much. When he is riding his bike on the road, he will draw people’s attraction easily. He enjoys all the comments he gets from people telling him how cool he is. So he gradually forms the habit of riding bike every night. The light is durable and high quality.

    Nov 07,2020

  • Rose
    Easy installation.Gain increased visibility from all directions.

    Nov 19,2020

  • David
    Pattern programmable
    I choose many cute patterns to show. So cute and pratical!

    Oct 20,2020

  • Luna
    Easy to attract attention
    My bikes becomes the center of roads.Hhhhha.

    Sep 15,2020

  • Angelica
    Awesome light
    Beautiful and creative design! More safety!

    Nov 01,2020

  • James
    Great gift
    I bought it for my cousin. He likes it so much!

    Oct 10,2020