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  • Romaldas
    realy great
    Realy greatSound is pretty good with crisp sound and great bass once you get a proper fit. The Volume on them are pretty loud as well and Ive seen a review saying they are low......I Cant turn these up max or I will be in Pain so they are pretty loud.

    - Bluetooth distance is well more then whats needed. I'm always near my phone but I forgot it once and left it on a piece of cardio equipment walk down 3 floors in a big gym to the basement and I started losing connection and at first I didn't Know what was going on but grateful I figured it out and ran back to the top floor to get my phone. At the house I can leave the phone in my bedroom and walk out side and still have connection.

    - Battery Life is OK, for me I tested it and Got 7 hours or 5 days worth of gym use for me. Now an Upgrade on this would be great but I dont mind as at the end of the week I charge them.

    Apr 05,2017

    No regrets
    I have been using it for a year by now and it works perfectly. My headphones (it doesn't matter how expensive they were) never survived more than 5 months, these are really good. The sound is clear and lound, the construction and materials are of great quality and I have no problems connecting with my Bluetooth devices, the battery is great and I can listen to music or watch videos for hours without worrying and the charging time is so little . It was really worth the money and time, I am definitely going to buy another when the time comes, I'm in love with the brand.
    What I'll list here are some aspects that does get on my nerves sometimes, but they don't necessarily make the product bad. I have trouble keeping them in my ears especially during a run or excercise like that. They aren't exactly lound, they isolate well the sound around. For some songs with a louder bass it may disappoint sometimes. If you're constantly making big travels I would suggest a device with best battery endurance (this one has a great battery, but if you're using it continually for 5 hours or plan to make a huge travel with many hours ahead of you better have another device).

    Apr 03,2018

  • Robin Middlecoat
    QCY QY12 Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds
    Same high quality aptx lossless audio quality as the original QCY QY12 which are wonderful earphones.
    Great BASS and overall frequency response combined with a high SPL.
    Smaller earbuds combined with the attached snares ensure that these earphones stay firmly in one's ears, which is a good improvement over the original QCY QY12.
    Seamless BT connection.
    Best price at Gearbest. Could not find this original item cheaper anywhere. Beware of fakes on other sites.
    A little fidgety to have to remove and replace the snare at the time of charging. Not a problem once you get used to it. In a way it's good because the snare body ensures that the cover for the charging socket does not break away and fall off.

    Oct 26,2016

  • Stanislav
    Модель-побратим с QY19
    По сравнению с похожей моделью QY19, у QY12 много плюсов: корпус наушников из метала, пульт удобнее, намного больше запас громкости и сама мощность звучания, а так же главная фишка - включении по магнитам на динамиках (расцепил - включились, сцепил - выключились)
    явных минусов вовсе не заметил

    Sep 05,2017

    qcy 12
    The product is excellent.
    Perfect sound perfect fit.
    Even in extreme conditions (running cycling in a mountain) he stays firmly in his ear without leaving.
    Very good price for this product I have already ordered and second for my daughter.

    Sep 05,2017

  • макс
    отличные уши
    Звук на удивление, очень не плохой, приятно удивлен. Отличная упаковка, просто и со вкусом!куча допов, простотое и интуитивное управление, сопряжение с телефоном на высоте! Первый раз вижу что бы огрызок автоматом подрубался к чему то по блютуз! Автономность пока не оценил, пришли почти полностью заряженные, буду тестить!
    Немного большеваты, у кого не большие раковины (ушные конечно) я бы не советовал, очень долго мучался с подбором резинок, кое как утолкал! 19 сидят намного удобнее, но у них звук другой, они побасовее, но тише. Так же дальность связи с телефоном меньше показалась чем у 19. Но это все мелочи) чистое имхо, за свою цену идеальный вариант)

    Mar 16,2017

  • Valery
    great headphones
    Quickly assembled and sent the order. The quality and grade of the headphones is excellent. The sound is at a good level. Bass enough. In the selection of liners sit tightly
    not found

    Jan 18,2017

  • Tommy P
    Good so far
    Easy to setup
    Sound quality is good
    Keep well in ear
    Turning on/off with magnets is nice feature
    Micro USB port for charging - no need to have special charger
    Access to charging port is not easy. You have to remove rubber keeping headphone in the ear and use nail or other sharp tool to open port cover.
    Looks very delicate. I think, I will damage cable soon.

    Mar 02,2018

  • Kirill
    Good sound, good quality, not that good connection quality.
    The sound is really good, nice highs and deep lows. The battery also is pretty good even after almost 2 years of usage (on daily basis). Though, the connection signal is not that really good - it's around 5-10 meters for some reasons.

    Oct 28,2018

  • Shaked Lev
    Good product!
    Sound very nice and easy to use!
    arrived after 24 days.
    packed ok.

    Oct 09,2017