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Coupon Rain Rules:
1.The Coupon Rain is available from Nov 5 -14 (inclusive).
2.Coupon rain timetable:
①Nov 5 -14: 08:00,12:00,16:00,22:00 UTC
3.Coupons will be valid from Nov 10 to Nov 14
4.Users must log into a verified account to participate
5.Each user has a single chance to play the GAME each round
6.Every wave of Coupon Rain lasts for 10 minutes
7.During each round, users can only play for 10 seconds to grab the coupons
8.All the coupons you win can be accessed on ‘My Coupon’
9.GearBest reserves the right to amend the guidelines of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff.(https://support.gearbest.com/)

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