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  • Korschinek
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    Perfect für EDC
    This flashlight is very small and perfect for everyday use cases. Looking for something in your rucksack, in the car, in the basement, under the furniture, finding a keyhole. It's also a good headlamp when clipped to a baseball cap or a headband. Light temperature seems to be about 6000K, so colours are a bit pale. The 200 lumens mode is the highest permanent setting. This is bright enough for low distances, e.g. for use as a headlamp. For the 1000 lumens mode the mode switch has to be pushed permanently and the lamp gets hot quickly. It's just too small and the aluminum case is not massive enough for permanent output in this mode. If you are looking for a lamp for outdoor activities like trekking, camping, fishing and the likes this is not for you. It's not (permanently) bright enough and not even watertight. If you're looking for a flashlight that fits in every pocket being at hand anytime you need it you will be happy.I did not like the rattling buttons, so I opened the lamp and glued the button joint with 3M 300LSE tape glue to the circuit board, see picture.

    Feb 01,2020

  • Best EDC flashlight you can buy
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    The flashlight is ridiculously bright the modes are easy to work through the lcd screen is crystal clear the battery life is great and I love being able to check the lcd for how much battery is left
    The flashlight is ridiculously bright the modes are easy to work through the lcd screen is crystal clear the battery life is great and I love being able to check the lcd for how much battery is left the pocket clip is strong and sturdy and it does not fall out even in jogging shorts this light has a good combination of flood and throw in all modes. on turbo it throws close to 200 yards with a nice wide beam this is the smallest brightest flashlight I’ve owned it’s two times brighter than my olight s1 baton it uses micro usb to charge which is awesome because micro usb cords are very abundant the only downside to this light is the water resistance rating it’s not fully waterproof like the olights and some streamlights you can’t just toss it in a bucket of water for a quick clean but you can use it in the rain and clean it with wet cloths I will use this flashlight forever and keep reordering it every time I lose one and Gearbest has the best price on it itl keep me coming back

    Oct 06,2019

  • Brent
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    Great little light
    Small amount of play in the buttons cheapens the overall feel of the light. But for the price the TUP is hard to beat as an edc solution. The oled is a great feature to have. The runtime display is awesome. Lock features work great. Time will tell how the battery holds up, but being by bite core I’m not that concerned. One feature I wish it had was programmable settings. I would love a 0.5 lumen setting on this thing. Otherwise, great light. Don’t hesitate.

    Sep 08,2019

  • Ernest2
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    Great size for tool box.
    Use this around the house or at work in your tool box. Small, powerful and built tough enough to be bang around in a tool box. LCD will tell you how much battery is left so that you know when it needs charging. Belt clip is firm and sturdy. No worries of belt clip coming loose. Great to put on a hat to become headlamp.

    Oct 20,2019

  • Spike
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    Great compact little light
    This is a great pocket size bright light the power it puts out is impressive for its size The design and look is why I decided to purchase it and it has proven to be as good as expected has a nice clear led display showing lumen output and battery power For its size it’s a great little light that can boost 1000 lumens

    Oct 08,2019

  • ovelix
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    Nitecore TUP 1000lm
    A great product from the well-known Nitecore, in a great design and small in size, to keep it in your keys. Quality and brightness are a guarantee. I highly recommend.

    Sep 26,2019

  • Piotr
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    Great little flashlight
    Great little device that fits in your pocket and has lots of power. Very useful at home and during short trips. Seems robust but since i've been using it for only two days, I can't tell for sure. A piece of advice: don't point the beam at your skin for more than a few seconds when in turbo mode:)

    Aug 27,2019

  • Great flashlight
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    One of the best flashlight
    Very high quality product and its 1000lm brightness beats the rest easily. Well worth the money. Has 2 levels of lockout to avoid accidental energizing while in pocket/bag etc. Excellent built in screen to see all required info.

    Nov 25,2019

  • Luiz Henrique Dejardin
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    Nitecore TUP
    Well finished as all other Nitecore flashlight, amazing oled display and powerfull output for a minimum size, very impressive, very satisfied with delivery before delay, thanks Gearbest!

    Aug 19,2019

  • Nitecore tío
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    Excelente producto a muy buen precio. Producto muy recomendable pequeño espacio y muy eficiente.
    Tiene un pequeño tamaño que cabe en bolsas de cualquier lado, Me gusta su potencia, se puede bloquear y tiene acceso directo a la máxima potencia, alumbra espectacular, la pantalla se rayó muy rápido pero nada de que preocuparse un poco de estética que no se compara a la fea iluminación.

    Aug 29,2019