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  • Laura M. Dellinger
    Really nice light for my needs in the woods of NH, I liked the handle size more a traditional flashlight size then pen light size, the flood light beam broad beam provides plenty of light to shine over my GSD's back when he's out and about the yard I try to preempt him from the skunks, I personally have no need for the multiple light features SOS / blinking etc, so they're more something I have to avoid turning on since they're controlled with the same on/off button ... that'd be my only suggested change to the light not have those features as part of the on/off switch ... but not something from deterring me from buying another one

    Aug 19,2017

  • gwenb
    I have to say that this flashlight is awesome, it's not heavy but it does have some slight weight to it which makes it feel good in your hand, the light itself is very bright even using just standard batteries and not the more powerful rechargeable batteries, I am VERY impressed with this light and have already decided to order a few more to keep in the house and our regular car

    Dec 21,2017

  • liquid
    Nitecore SRT7GT
    -very bright -strobe and beacon mode -multicolor (uv, red, green, blue) -good machining and quality -many accessories (lanyard, holster, 2 O-rings, a clip, a manual and a tailcap) -nice design -smartring technology
    - no battery included - uv light is a little bit too weak for me

    Jun 02,2017

  • Kasaru
    Nice feel to the zoom and a button large enough to use with your thumb, reflector and lens makes this flashlight bright enough to use outside in the dark on full wide zoom and see the complete path in front of you

    May 05,2017

  • NM Flash
    I am very happy with my purchase not too heavy to carry in a pocket, is a great little light at any rate, the light options plus the zoom function is everything one needs in a great flashlight

    Aug 25,2017

  • Kristin Armstrong
    I own several flashlights including Fenix - which are excellent, is the best flashlight I have purchased, the flashlight in your hand feels substantial, the output is smooth and even

    Jul 26,2017

  • myzzlyzz
    It is VERY dark up here at night, when walking the dog after dark a ` regular' flashlight just didn't cut it, this flashlight is spectacular !!!! It lives up to everything as advertised

    Jun 06,2018

  • Dr. Jass
    Multiple brightness settings, easy telescoping focus from narrow beam to floodlight, yet small enough to fit in one hand, it is a serious light tool for serious applications

    May 19,2017

  • Michael Reviews
    It is a good light that will do the job but I do not like anyone trying to get over, stamping a new name on the unit and repackaging does not make for a new product, good price though

    Sep 13,2018

  • Longtime Primer
    I was not sure that the Flashlight would be as advertised, but I was very surprised when I put batteries in it and the light was the brightest That I have ever seen

    Jun 16,2017