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  • Richard Bob
    Intuitive, and Impressive for the Price
    If you are a computer person, or even relatively technologically savvy, this will be easy for you to use. I use this primarily for engraving leather. The first thing I did was focus the laser into a pinpoint, the laser focus is easy to adjust with hands, I then experimented with 4 pin 405nm 3500mW laser settings for leather, finished with great success and minimal smoke. The more impressive thing for me was the detail that this thing is capable of. I suggest doing a lot of experimenting because in the end, once you get the right calibration, this thing is capable of incredible detail and quality engravings. Another nice feature is I can check the work after a pause and start back up where it left off.

    May 14,2019

  • Tammy Carl
    No regrets on the purchase. Having a lot of fun with it.
    This is a cool little laser engraving machine. Setup was quite easy, support for many image formats, and I’ve had no issues so far. I’ve used it on plastic, mahogany, bamboo, and real leather with good results. As with all products of this kind you will need to experiment with it to get settings dialed in. One good thing is, the NEJE MASTER gives an outline of the burn area before actually burn which allows me to position the object correctly, this function is really useful. And the software can download and install directly from the link, very convenient.
    If you are considering buying one, just do it! You will not be disappointed!

    May 25,2019

  • bartvan
    Awesome Laser Etcher
    Great purchase. Easy to use. Can print a fairly good sized area (about 6" square). At 3.5W it is much faster that Neje NK and prints across a much larger area. I mounted mine to a wood base for repeatable alignment. The software is easy to use and does offer the ability to move/adjust your image within the print area.

    Jun 24,2019

  • EugenHassert
    geiles Teil
    Versand hat etwa 3 Wochen gedauert. kein Zollgebühren oder so. Gut verpackt. klein und handlich. leicht zusammen zu bauen...nur 4 Schrauben. Programm versteht sich auch von alleine...ist aber etwas bugy. Leder, Holz, Plastik kein Problem. Metal geht wirklich nicht.

    Jun 13,2019

  • Edward
    Little Laser
    This is not a toy make sure that you and everyone in the room wears the safety goggles.
    This unit works as expected. the 3.5w laser is good for wood and paper not much else.
    The software has to be down loaded from the manufacture.
    It's fun and easy to work with.

    May 15,2019

  • Kristin Wallace
    Does it’s job.
    Excellent compact and easy to operate this machine. The description fully complies as indicated. All parts and equipment included and very well packaged. I am very pleased with the purchase

    May 08,2019

  • Kirk Henry
    Love it
    This laser worked better than expected. It takes a little bit to figure out the best position of the laser but once you figure it out, it is easy. Really happy with this purchase.

    May 27,2019

  • Tobias
    Device not working
    Received the device in a good package. But after assembling and connecting to the power plug - the machine is dead. No lights flashing, no motor movements.

    Testing the power plug proofs, voltage is delivered. Claim for my money back.

    May 24,2019


    Thank you for your comment.

    We are sorry your order has not met your expectations.

    Our products are quality checked before being sent out to our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality at the lowest prices.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html


    Best regards,


    May 25,2019

  • Aaron Edith
    Well worth the money!
    It comes packaged very well and so simple to use, if you are in the market for an engraver, I would highly recommend trying this out!

    May 18,2019

  • Rupert Galbraith
    great machine
    We bought this for our son and it has exceeded my expectations. He has used it to make lots of engravings and is very happy with it.

    May 21,2019