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    I was able to put the tempered glass flat on my iPhone without any bubbles and my phone looks really good, The screen protector does not cover the entire screen and I didn't know that when buying it, but I would have liked it for when I place my second screen when needed, Follow the directions to place the protector on and it should be great

    Nov 22,2018

  • El Ezequiel
    Great glass protection
    I had many of these glass screen protectors and this one hasn't failed me yet. It was easy to install with no bubbles and the black bars help you align it with the screen. It includes some dust cleaners and wipes to clean out the screen. As far as protection, it is very scratch proof and doesn't interfere with touch input.

    Jan 01,2019

  • Peter Klein
    Fit perfectly, adhered well
    My title said it all. The item covers the screen well and blends well with the actual screen. There is adhesive covering the entire screen. These screens have saved the phone from a shattered screen several times. Lucky to have it installed.

    Mar 16,2019

  • Addicted Shopper
    You can pay more but you sure will not get a better screen protector for the money than the JETech tempered glass protector, The tabs do that have strong enough adhesive and come unattached during installation

    Nov 26,2018

  • Ken G
    This tempered glass seemed durable but was definitely not as the original I got from Tmobile, there were minimal bubbles and the thickness was not the best quality, Not bad for the price

    Nov 15,2018

  • Derek Gardier
    This is a great screen protector, but all tempered glass screen protectors are made equal, It has an awesome plastic fitting for easy and beautiful application

    Nov 13,2018

  • Ragnar
    Great product
    Great product. Easy install with good instructions. Fits entire screen area. No bubbles at all. Awesome price/value.

    Apr 30,2019

  • steve byam
    Great product for a great price, Sure the tempered glass cracked but the original screen was perfect

    Nov 26,2018

  • Samuel Farfan Cari
    film mi mix 3
    grueso y de calidad
    cuidado al colocar algo difícil

    May 11,2019

  • Thomas

    Dec 22,2018