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  • Alexandru
    Evet (0) Renk: Oro
    Great, as a Toy, but not for Business Purposes
    I ordered this because of the low price (I paid 62.09€).Package arrived (in Paris, France) in 25 calendar days since the order has been placed.It had no review at the time but I decided to take my chances anyway.It arrived today and with it, I found what I expected:A Cheap Tablet, with Android 6.0 capable of running YouTube and allowing to play classic games, such as Candy Crush, for example.It is quite light when it comes to weight.The materials that it is made of seem cheap, of not such a great quality, but again, what is to be expected for this price?It has 3 buttons (Power, Volume Up and Volume Down), a Jack for Headphones and a MicroUSB plug for charging.I tried to have a Video Skype Conversation and I didn't expect it to work.It did.The quality of the frontal (selfie) camera is poor, the image has the colors distorted.The main (back) camera isn't that great, either, but it does the job better than the other one.The speaker and the microphone are both of a low quality.No fancy Finger Print Reader.I own a XiaoMi Pad 4 Plus (which costed 5 times more!).It does everything that the XiaoMi Pad 4 Plus does (that I tried) (apart from Netflix), but it is slower and less reliable.Now, in the end, I believe that it really matters what you're going to use it for.I bought it for my mother, so that she can watch youtube, while in the kitchen.It is perfect for that (5 Stars)Unfortunately, Netflix doesn't seem to work on it, so if you want to get it for that, just DON'T.I can honestly say that I am very happy with the purchase.I ordered 2 more, for my twin nephews, who will enjoy playing all kind of games from the Google Play Store.They will make great toys, but if you are planning to do some work on it or expect it to be fast and somehow reliable, just get something that costs more.Can't say much about the battery, as I used it for 2 hours or so and it got to 37%.To sum it up:Pros:Low PriceBig ScreenCons:Made with cheap materials/componentsQuestionable ReliabilityNo Netflix

    Nov 09,2019

  • Love it
    Evet (0) Renk: Oro
    MT11 10.1 inch
    Received the tablet a few days ago, and I am happy with the product. I am disappointed in myself though that I only realised after I had ordered that the tablet is WiFi only, somehow in the pictures the back showed two sim card slots, and indeed they are there but does not recognise my sim cards. Otherwise the tablet is fast and the battery is OK as well. Takes Thank you

    Oct 19,2019

  • Ismael
    Evet (0) Renk: Oro
    Mt11 tablet
    MT 11 tablet es una muy buena tableta con Android 6.0,Google Play store,tiene acceso root,bluetooth,es liviana.Version compatible de netflix 4.2.0 build 5952, compatible con pdanet,emuladores ,etc.Tiene 16gb rom 2gb ram aproximadamente.Procesador quad core de mediatek es bastante rápido.La memoria ROM expandible hasta 32gb.No tiene salida HDMI.Por lo demás es una tableta muy buena a muy buen precio.

    Oct 24,2019