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  • Nina
    Amazing orduct
    This is an amazing product and I like to use it. The box is small, convenient, and does not take up much space. Moreover, the setup is very simple and fast, and it takes no time. This includes many programs, movies, photos, and can be connected to third-party applications to download various applications, which means that the product is very suitable for everyone's preferences. I strongly recommend everyone to buy this product, I like to use it, and so does my family.

    Aug 22,2020

  • charry
    very satisfied
    The 64 GB storage space on the box makes me very satisfied, and I can download many apps I want! Installation and instructions are very simple and easy to learn. We installed it on the TV in less than 10 minutes. My 5-year-old can easily navigate with the remote control! We don't have cables, and with this TV box, we don't need it! Excellent picture quality, just like in a movie theater, I am very satisfied

    Aug 30,2020

  • Emmine
    I have bought a few boxes before, they are much cheaper than this, but they performed very badly. It took me about 10 minutes for this box from when I took it out of the box to fully installed. You can use it to watch TV. I went to YouTube and found some great videos. We are very satisfied with this box, so far i have no complaints, and we are very willing to recommend it to you

    Aug 22,2020

  • Zeo
    Love this tv box
    Love this tv box, and there are some features was impressed me:
    Android 9.0 OS, very easy to use.
    Advanced CPU, the preformance was powerful and smooth.
    4GB memory is enough for me
    4K ultra clear image maeks the display super clear
    Fast connection with wifi

    I want to buy another for my bedroom tv.

    Aug 28,2020

  • Wendy
    Great box
    Great box
    I can easily download any apps , it works fast with videos and music

    give it 5 star

    Aug 11,2020

  • Gary
    ultra clear
    surprising when i opened, i performed very well with my tv, and the image is ultra clear

    Aug 17,2020

  • Kelly
    The download speed is very fast, the operation is very smooth without any stuck

    Aug 23,2020

  • Akkkk
    running smoothly
    Great image quality, stream 4K content without lag, running smoothly

    Aug 06,2020

  • Mike
    been ordering boxes for almost a month nothing but satisfied!!!!!

    Aug 20,2020

  • Mia c.
    worth investing
    Great thing that worth investing

    Aug 02,2020