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  • Stuart
    Great product, especially for the price!
    I bought one of these lights, and at the price I wasn't expecting all too much, but it exceeded my expectations! While I can't quality on the longevity yet (after only owning it a week), the bulb does exactly as it says it should. The app is well written and works as intended. The bulb is plenty bright enough, and the "clouded" lens spreads the light well, like a traditional bulb. The variable dimming and colour picker work well, and the optional strobe/pulsing effects are entertaining at least! The grouping function within the app is good too, being able to control more than one bulb at once. So much so that I've just ordered 4 more bulbs!
    I guess one limitation is that you can only control up to 4 bulbs at once, but practically you're not likely to have more than 4 in one location within range of the bluetooth anyway! So other than that, none!

    Nov 13,2015

  • Lesley Parrales
    Fantastic multi color LED bulb!!
    Really nice idea and EFFECTIVE!! Fantastic creative gift for my son's birthday a few months ago. The light is nice and bright but not to the point where it's distracting; you can change the mode until you find a color and pattern that you like. The device also doubles as a speaker so you can put on some relaxing music although the light is already pretty relaxing lol. It's suitable for young kids or adults who have issues falling asleep as well as people who need to de-stress effectively. I found this to be a godsend, it takes almost no time for my son to fall asleep now. Not the most obvious device to get but worth it's weight in gold!!

    Sep 22,2015

  • Giovanni Mortati
    Magic Blue UU E27 Bulb Bluetooth 4.0
    • Compact appearance same as an ordinary light bulb
    • 16 million RGB LED light as colorful as you can image
    • Mobile phone remote control all appliance
    • Wireless Transmission: Indoor transmission distance is 20 meters, outdoor transmission distance is 40 meters
    • Easy to operate, automatically pair with your device
    • Easy to use, only need to screw bulb into an E27 lamp-socket and connect your device
    • Super compatibility: Support smartphone, tablet PC, notebook computer, all-in-one PC, desktop, etc.
    • Energy-saving Mode: More energy-saving than ordinary light bulb

    Jun 02,2016

  • Valentin Ivanov
    Magic Blue UU E27 Bulb Bluetooth 4.0 - E27 WHITE
    Замечательные светодиодные лампочки Magic Blue. Управляются через приложение, запоминают последний режим. Есть только одно печальное но - управлять по средством группировки можно только четырьмя лампочками одновременно. В клумбе у меня 8 штук, но чтобы они работали синхронно, например, меняли цвета, я создал две группы, выбрал режим у каждой группы, выключил все лампы и после включения они синхронно меняли цвета. Так что управление 4-мя лампами некритично. А двор очень преобразился, очень они яркие, если в группе. Буду непременно заказывать на кухню для создания романтичной атмосферы.
    Управление только 4-мя лампочками через приложение.

    Nov 14,2016

  • Magic Blue
    Хорошая вещь на подарок любому человеку
    Поставляется в очень хорошая и практичная лёгкой коробки в которой сам товар не повредится. С помощью фирменного приложения Вы можете пользоваться этой лампочкой в разных режимах режимов много регулируется яркость цвета регулируются алгоритмы переключение цветов также можно делать визуализация под музыку и определять цвет камерой телефона. Очень хорошая штука на подарок любому человеку так как сейчас новый год вот такая штука будет приятным подарком очень приятным подарком и интересным для некоторых людей это очень инновационно!
    Минусовки не нашел ну их тут в принципе не может быть так как лампочка оля очень недорогая очень хорошего качества очень всё неплохо Придумано всё работает хорошо Единственный минус которому можно придраться это небольшая яркость но она и экономно и при этом четыре с половиной вата Да это не сильно яркая лампочка но зато она экономное и у неё большой ресурс

    Nov 25,2017

  • Velen Bogdanov
    Great light
    * 0-100% brightness at 16M colors
    * 0-100% warm light (100% is powerful warm light)
    * Music mode, built in music player, the lamps blink by the music
    * Micropohone mode - same as music mode but from external sources
    * Grouping - group few lamps into one group (for example 'my room') in manage simultaneously
    * Color pick mode - point your camera at a color and the lamp will light it.
    * Scene mode - select few colors from a scene (picture)
    Managed by Bluetooth.
    not found yet

    Jun 26,2016

  • PragmaticMeru
    I love this product, but it does not have much luminosity
    I think it would be ideal to place it in a lamp, as general light does not work, it lacks power and it gets to tire the eye, although at the moment it is the light that I use to study and the truth I have no complaints.
    I think it says that it reproduces sound but it seems to me that what it does is only change colors with the rhythm of the music of your smartphone, I have not found it useful but fun.
    -Small, perfect for a study lamp
    -Playstore app is meh......
    -Low luminosity
    -App is meh.....
    -Programmed turn ON/OFF often fails

    Nov 12,2018

  • Hananias
    Awesome way to add style to your desk setup
    Works as advertised. It's surprisingly fast and accurate with the app in iOS. The customizations in the App are endless too!
    Thanks to this simple add on, my desktop setup looks amazing!
    Don't hesitate, I recommend to anyone looking to add some style to their room or desk setup.
    Will be posting a review in my Youtube Channel soon!

    Feb 17,2017

  • João
    Fantastic product! I was afraid the light intensity would be low but it is not, the white tone light is great for room, bedroom, etc. lighting.
    Application bluetooth works well, many options, from intensity, stobes, colors, etc.
    Excellent product, very practical for home! I will buy more :) I even made my first video for Gearbest :)
    Could be stronger when in color mode

    Aug 06,2017

  • Nosky69
    Magic Blue UU Bluetooth Bulb
    Very nice object .... creates a special atmosphere with various very pleasant colors. Fair price for the type of gadget that GearBest makes available to its customers. I consider myself very satisfied and I invite you to view the video that I wanted to realize in order to understand how beautiful this light bulb is by its beautiful colors.
    At the moment none

    Apr 05,2018