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  • Karla
    Perform amazing with great noise reduction when you were in a noisy environment
    I was in a hurry to go out when I received the package, so my fist trip with the earphones was on the subway. It was the rush hour and there was hardly any extra space in the compartment. I was tried to isolate me from the crowed with music, to my shocked, the sound quality from the headphones was excellent, even though I played it at a moderate level. If you are looking for a Bluetooth earphones with gorgeous noise reduction, I will recommend this product to you without hesitation!

    Dec 29,2018

  • Gant
    More user-friendly than Airpods
    It is unresonable that this pair of TWS bluetooth earphones brings me such a stylish appearance and real sound quality at a accessible price! Certainly they are weak when compared to their prototype Airpods, while they are pretty amazing. Exquisite workmanship and high-fidelity use experience, I would buy another for my wife!

    Feb 01,2019

  • Tandy
    I would think highly of it only if they are available to support my daily use
    The most attractive factor for me to order this pair of earphones are the compact size and cute little appearance. The endurance time is rich for me, because my headphones use is intermittent, maybe on the bus, road, a few minutes before going to bed, etc. Besides, the case also can recharge them when you out.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Mae
    What I care about most is the sound quality
    It is not my first Bluetooth earphones but my favourite one. The sound is good and they stay comfortably in my ear. I prefer to listen to podcast rather than music so clarity is important to me, they definitely fulfilled my needs. Easy to use when cooking or cleaning. Appreciate it.

    Dec 15,2018

  • Dailey
    Perfect for you when sports
    It's secure to my ears and gives a nice sound of music as I generally go for excerise. Charging and connection is smooth and easy which I really liked and it looks delicate. If you can't afford the genuine Airphone but wanna to experience the TWS Bluetooth earphones, hahaha, it would be a nice choice for you!

    Jan 08,2019

  • Александр
    Хорошие наушники
    Хорошие наушники. Легкие. Хорошо держатся в ухе. Звук чистый. Микрофон работает лучше чем в i7, но шумоподавление не очень качественное. При установке в бокс держаться на магнитах. И, как для меня, плюс в том что зарядка бокса кабелем Lightning ( идёт в комплекте). Рекомендую как наушники для прослушивания аудиокниг. Как гарнитура работают не очень хорошо - собеседники жалуются на постороннии шумы.
    Good headphones. Lungs. Well kept in the ear. The sound is clear. The microphone works better than the i7, but noise reduction is not very good. I recommend both headphones for listening to audiobooks. As the headset does not work very well - the interlocutors complain of extraneous noise.

    Sep 05,2018

  • LL
    Great Headphones but very big and one stopped working within 1 week
    1. These are more than x2 the size of Apple buds but work great and are comfortable for a man ear!
    2. Sound quality is certainly good enough for the price, especially with clear and loud bass.
    3. Excellent ability to choose both or just one ear at a time to swap our battery charges for phone calls, etc. Microphones work great.
    4. Had these for only 1 week and although I loved them, the left ear pod stopped working suddenly despite me taking very good care of them. The Bluetooth “on” button is permanently depressed and I can no longer turn on the headphone.

    Mar 25,2019

  • Tiago
    Sound acute! NOT WORTH IT
    Hi Gearbestesters,

    I'm my opinion they are good earbuds, good quality of construction and easily Bluetooth pair. They don't fall from your ear if you are running or doing other type of workout exercices.
    The only problem it's overvalued, they don't worth 20€, because the sound coming from the voice of the singers and the music are to much acute, and their is not a subwoofer on it as they say in the description of the product.

    Best Regards.

    Mar 23,2019

  • Ironceltic
    Almost AirPods
    These wireless bluetooth earphones are exactly what I expected for the price. They have the charging box and each pod is reasonably made. The are lightly bigger than the Apple ones and their finish is not as good. They work well and are easy to pair. For the €20 or so it costs, I would say that they are great value but don't expect all the bells and whistles of a more expensive pair.

    Dec 13,2018

  • I really wouldn’t recommend
    It is really bad does not work and has weird buzzing sound I wouldn’t recommend the only pro I have to say is the colour other than that it’s a no from me sorry
    The only pro is colour but it has a weird buzzing sound and a bad base plus I don’t know if the charger works because the wireless headphones don’t

    May 01,2019