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  • Jumper Ezpad go 2 in 1
    A good laptop/tablet
    After two days of use, I am definitely satisfied with my purchase. Good value for money, it is a complete solution for those who need a tablet and a laptop at the same time.
    Smooth web surfing, I can't estimate battery life yet. It seems to me that it warms up on average.
    The tablet is heavier than average, but this is justified by its 11.6 inches. The keyboard is light. Its back and the frame around the keys are covered in soft fabric. This surprised me a little. Will it get dirty more easily? However the keyboard is friendly to write.
    Intelligent but perhaps fragile the system on the sides to adjust the screen.
    Pen is a plus. Nice gadget.
    That's all for now.

    Oct 22,2019