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  • weego213
    I chose the smallest model as I already had a very large tablet for drawing, the only complaint I have is the detection range on the pen is pretty small which can be a problem since I hover the pen above the tablet, the design is solid and very thin, resting my hand feels comfortable, the pen is passive meaning it does not need to be charged or provided with batteries, the pen is very light and thin, personally a slightly thicker pen would be better for holding as sometimes my hands start to sweat making it slip down

    Jul 01,2014

  • Mario Bethel
    It is exactly what I originally wanted for my graphics tablet there is no complicated software it is like holding the mouse like a pencil, fine detail is a breeze if you have a steady hand, it is perfectly simple it does not slow down my computer at all like some of the overcomplicated tablets do, not for mouse use daily it is easier to draw with this and use a regular mouse for the everyday stuff

    Apr 03,2018

  • gary paul
    I choose this drawing tablet due to its reasonable price and the comfortable small size, the tablet's drivers were easy to install and so far, the pen is comfortable to hold and the tablet's pressure sensitivity works just fine with enough practice, it's a good graphics tablet for beginners

    Mar 04,2018

  • juan Hawkins
    It is a very good size and is not too small and is not too big it is very high-quality and I am so glad that I bought it it comes with a lot of pen tips and a pen tip remover which is very useful because I have a lot of pressure on the tablet when I play osu if the pen tip breaks I can easily get a new one on

    May 06,2015

  • d.bord
    It is a good size and really lightweight, it's also really simple to install and update drivers for which I appreciate, my only qualm is sometimes I click the right click macro while using the stylus but I think that's in how I personally hold the pen - just be careful

    Jan 01,2015

  • E.G.
    Good for beginners, enabled me to draw on the computer the way I always hoped I'd be able to ; using a mouse seemed unnatural, seems to be decent quality but it's an electronic device, a great price, the reviews seemed promising, the quality is real nice

    Jul 23,2014

  • Tsn
    With the right software, i think this will last her long without asking for a more expensive tablet that has an active screen to actually see your illustrations directly at the tablet

    Aug 23,2016

  • Carlos
    works just fine
    the pen just works great, with decent sensitivity and presicion.

    the battery life is also superb, but adds a little too much weight for some users.

    If you are considering between the p80 and the p68, just go with the latter , the p80 presicion is jittery and the battery life is poor.

    Aug 26,2018

  • felipe aranda
    This was super easy to setup even for a first time user and it works great, i would highly recommend getting this of you are thinking about getting into digital art

    Feb 27,2017

  • E. Adams
    Best thing about this tablet is you don't have to charge its pen and that makes the pen very lightweight, hovering is easier because of the light pen

    May 24,2017