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  • Nelson Carllyle
    Stable, Easy to Fly and Good Quality
    The Hubsan H117S drone is an advanced drone jam packed with load of features. I have couple of other drones but neither of them is as good as this one.The drone comes with very good transmission range, about 1KM, I took the drone to 116 meters in altitude and it was very much responsive, and in control. The stability of the drone at that altitude was very impressive, it was holding its altitude pretty well. Take-off and landing is super easy, it can automatic take-off and landing. This drone also comes with automatic return home failsafe option, come back to the start location. The drone is also equipped with follow me mode, which is very cool. The follow me mode operates using the built-in GPS signal, following you wherever you go.

    May 11,2019

  • Martin Stephen
    Very stable, easy to fly!
    The Hubsan H117S drone is powerful, especially compared to my first drone. It’s smooth to fly and the auto-land works beautifully. Really have not had many initial problems.The controller is very comfortable to hold and recharges relatively quickly. The drone works stable, with the well-built quality. This drone has a very cool look, both the drone & the remote controller have a refined look-n-feel, operate very smoothly and the overall construction feels more solid & durable than most other drones that I’ve flown in this price range. With the larger lithium battery allows for over 20 minutes flying, very durable and outstanding.HAPPY and SAFE FLYING!

    Apr 03,2019

  • Allen Roger
    Absolutely incredible product! I feel in love with the H117S now, and experiencing the incredible customer service. This drone just arrived this morning and I was already able to get it up for the first test flight. I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice the video and photos came out and how steady this remained even in beginner mode with GPS. It equipped with the 4K UHD camera, has an excellent panoramic features, let aerial photography be full of joy.I purchased this as I wanted something I could utilize for higher quality aerial photos at an increased distance and this does it all.

    Apr 16,2019

  • Marco
    Super Einsteigerdrone
    Ich habe eine Kameradrohne für meine Urlaube gesucht welche klein und handlich ist. Nach 3 Wochen kam sie aus China.Sie ist gut verarbeitet und einfach zu fliegen.Auch bei windigen Wetter hält sie gut die Position und die Videos haben eine gute Qualität.Die Flugzeite ist in Ordnung. Mit einem 2. Akku perfekt.Die Software ist einfach zu verstehen und bei Verbindungsabbrüchen welche kaum vorkommen, kommt sie wieder zurück. Starten und Landen geht automatisch. Die Reichweite ist ausreichend.Nur 4 Sterne bekommt sie von mir weil die Fernsteuerung etwas sensibler sein könnte.

    Feb 17,2019

  • Johnnone
    Great drone
    It's my first (big) drone and It's easy to bring it with you and to drive it. I had one flight for now and I had no problem to connect it to the phone and fliying with some wind (10 knots). Image tracking worked well even with a poor cpu mobile phone (Huawei Y6 pro 2017).Very good battery life, and good video quality: on low and high lighted environment video quality drop a bit (I didn't tried last camera firmware update yet)Good value for money, I'm satisfied for the moment.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Joshua
    Brilliant low cost drone with high level capabilities
    Extremely impressed with the Hubsan H117S it flies so well, holds position even with moderate winds. The footage has been brilliant, the image stabilisation of the gimble is really fantastic. I would certainly recommend this drone to anyone on a budget like myself who doesn't have the funds to put triple the price into a DJI but wants to start taking good footage from above.

    Apr 10,2019

  • Yolanda Cobbs
    The sync process to the phone was extremely simple, I have seen other versions of these that make it a bit difficult to get started, one thing to note is that the camera quality is not that great at all, be careful on windy days because you will fight gusts with this light drone

    Dec 12,2018

  • t-travler
    This is my first quadcopter and it's incredibly easy to learn how to fly, so buy extra batteries with your drone so you don't have to suffer like I am, I just want to fly this thing all damn day ; it's the most fun I've ever had with any RC toy

    Oct 31,2018

  • Hyman Edie
    Best drone you can buy for this price
    Overall this is a great beginner drone that you would not be quick to replace even as you advance in skill. There are not really any features you would miss. The GPS is a great feature for keeping your drone where you want it.

    Apr 07,2019

  • Davide Maccaferri
    comprate zino
    spettacolare, potrà non essere perfetto, non avere i sensori anti collisione, ma per uno che comincia è perfetto. risponde ai comandi, qualità video e foto ottima, più video veramente.se cercato un drone professionale no, ma se cercate una media alta fascia a un prezzo molto competitivo e trasportabile, questo drone è vincere facile!

    Jan 20,2019