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  • Kevin
    Super duper quiet
    I always used wired headphones but now the wire headphones and mask wearing does not go to well together. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, my purpose for wearing wired headphones was because I didn't want them to fall out of my ear. These earbuds were easy to use. They are comfortable and seems secure in the ear. The music and voice quality is very good compared to my wired headphones (I have a good pair of wired headphones). The instructions were simple. The price was good.

    Nov 12,2020

  • Rose
    So cool
    I use them mainly for going to the gym. The sound is excellent! I listen to music with them, and I even watch TV shows and movies with them. No complaints! The battery life lasts a pretty long time. I love that they're black, so they're easily concealed. So easy to use them as well. Also super affordable!

    Dec 11,2020

  • Natasha
    Good color
    I loved the fact that i can see without my phone or an app how much battery is left in the case and each earbud individually. Easy BT connection (as easy as they say), no cord behind the neck, buds that have a small enough tip that actually fit in my ears (never had this before)

    Feb 08,2021

  • Mary
    Everything was well received.
    Overall, sound quality is quite exceptional, it does a decent job with noise cancellation, and connects rapidly with the device you are using it with.

    Oct 05,2020

  • Allen
    Excellent Product
    The noise cancellation worked a little too well so I would only drive with one in my ear so I could still hear the surrounding traffic.

    Sep 28,2020

  • Olivia
    Came quickly
    After a week of use, their performances are as high as I expect them to be. They fit comfortably in my ear

    Dec 07,2020

  • Lillie
    High quality
    The sound is amazing, I love this product highly recommended!

    Feb 18,2021

  • 3alaa
    Review f9
    Good product in pure voice performance
    Packaging was good

    Jun 15,2021

  • Emma
    Appearance is superior
    Charges well, easy to connect, holds a good charge

    Nov 12,2020