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  • Wray
    pretty great Action Cam
    This action cam work really good video quality was pretty good . I would recommend this action camera if they put a delete function in this action camera .The battery could last longer it may last 30 min or so . This could be improved . If this action camera had a delete function i would love to have 3 more of them . As you see in pictures the quality to me is pretty good for the price . i also made video's an put them on youtube also :: If i had a chance to do a review on another Action camera i would like to make a video of it an put it on youtube if that was ok with the person or persons .. !!!!
    The only thing is their is no delite function . I had to pull out Micro SD card an delete every thing on laptop. Bummer !!!

    Jun 10,2018

  • Андрей
    Furibee F80 1080P HD Action Camera
    Камера стоит своих денег.Комплект креплений обширный и на первое время хватит.Снимает камера в дневное время очень хорошо.Камера очень компактная.Присутствует русский язык и много настроек.Можно использовать как видеорегистратор.Батарейки хватило на 57 минут .The camera is worth its money.The set of fasteners is extensive and at first will suffice.Shoots the camera during the day very well.The camera is very compact.There is a Russian language and a lot of settings.Can be used as a DVR.The batteries lasted 57 minutes.
    Учитывая цену недостатков нет.

    Jan 16,2018

  • Ciel
    Excellent quality of the video!
    When I received this camera, I was excited to see everything. It just likes the advertisement. I think this is a very good value for the money it cost me. I am pleased with the quality of pictures and videos I have shot. Excellent quality of the video! I also take underwater video.....found this at a great price! the waterproof case works great! You can also hear audio unlike some other underwater cams. Love the case, batteries and accessories that come with it.

    Nov 18,2017

  • Юрий
    окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно окей хорошо нормально замечательно

    Dec 18,2018

  • Rahul i.g
    Super Camera
    this is the cheapest best action camera good quality videos it records sound and image clarity is really good also it have gyro recording for that price it is a piece of cake1080 30fps videos are really goodjpg images are not bad 4hr charging need to full the battery
    it's budget cam so it have some -ve also no wifi no HDMI only one frame per second option 30fpsvideo format is AVI it took 26 days to reach

    Apr 26,2018

  • Yoanna
    Una camara para llevarte en tus vacaciones , tener fotos y videos debajo del mar , para escapadas en bicicleta, etc... va bien para recuerdos , si buscas algo mas profesional paga algo mas pero esta por el precio que tiene va bien

    May 04,2018

  • theodore
    Very good action camera
    At first I was very skeptical if I will like it or not.After trying to use it in difficult environments like sea , I realized that it is very of very good quality in video and sound , also.Battery stand enough to not being a problem, all work out of the box.You just have to insert a micro sd card, fix the outer plastic cover and you are ready for action.Ireally enjoy this action camera.

    Oct 14,2018

  • FuriBee F80
    Awesome camera for the price
    -cheap -easy to use -comes with all the accessories you'll ever need -did I mention how cheap it is? I shot two quick vids to show the camera's quality in 720P as well as 1080P. I think I can only link one to this review so check my YT channel for the 1080P clip, or look on YT for "FuriBee F80 & Mr. Tiger". Cheers.
    -non that I can think of right now. Maybe the sound is a little low but it's not so bad that I'd list it as a con

    Feb 18,2018

  • Marinos
    Using it with a motorbike is useless due to the vibration. Only if you attach it to the helmet but its not "nice" looking. It hasnt got inside Sd card. Mmanual recommends buying one SD class 10 for speed writing, you can find 32gb for ~7 euro) Battery can keep it on for 1-2 hours. Every 15 minutes you must re-enable recording (or there is a setting i havent yet seen for non stop recording)

    Oct 08,2018

  • Alexander
    F80 Action Camera
    Good quality, low price, fast delivery Экшн-камера с набором креплений и боксом по цене дешевле, чем просто бокс или любая пластмаска крепежа в оффлайне. В меню даже есть русский язык )
    Разрешение - интерполяция, само собой, за такие то деньги) Видит только 32 гига от 64г карточки (но работает:) Для баловства нормально

    Apr 10,2018