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  • Sandeep
    Evet (1) Renk: Black
    Great Mouse overall
    Its a great mouse, tried vertical mouse for the first time. loved it right away.Pros:-1.Comfortable: saves you the pain while using for long hours.2. Cool design: looks absolutely futuristic with the color changing LED light streak.3. Wireleless: good to see this is wireless USB mouse. Freedom to move freely without the trouble of adjusting wire 4. Good Battery Life: runs longer than most if the mouses despite leaving it on whole day or while night. energy efficient. I could use it for a month (also depends on brand of the batteries).5. Multiple buttons:I really liked the placement of different buttons, you can use them for their different functions like right/left click, go forward/back in file explorer. extra button on top is just to wake up the mouse. Good job techies! we don't have to risk right/left clicking wrong place on screen that can sabotage our projects. but downside is one has to really test this or research to actually know that we can use it.Con:1. Sometimes it gives some glitches, sometimes doesn't move at all, it might be problem of USB driver on my PC but it works when I turn the mouse off and then on. Moving the mouse doesn't help. and right/ left clicking to wake up mouse can put in serious trouble if mouse was left wrong place on the screen. we could push wrong buttons there or risk closing unsaved projects. Moving the mouse must wake up the screen like it does in other wired/wireless laser optical mouses. sometimes wake up button doesn't work.2. in the description it was mentioned that it has a micro USB charging port to charge the mouse. but it really isn't there. it's confusing the customers. there is another alternate version that has this because that has inbuilt lithium battery that can be charged.for this version we have to use 2 AAA batteries.overall good mouse for tech enthusiasts. I hope we get support to fix these glitches.

    Sep 17,2018

  • UPDATE: Marking this as 5-star now, having dealt w
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Great mouse, design is a bit too tall though
    UPDATE: Marking this as 5-star now, having dealt with customer support. After posting my review I was contacted by Anker who promptly (and freely) sent me a different/newer model of mouse. I love the new device and I really value their level of customer service. You will not be disappointed buying an Anker product (at least not for very long :-)Pros:-----------------------Fairly comfortableGood wrist angleAerodynamic (looks nice)USB dongle "cubby" in the bottom, quite convenientDurable-ish - has survived several drops to the floor already - more on this in consHibernates to conserve battery if you forget to turn the device offCons:-----------------------TALL - I've knocked this thing off my desk reaching for it many, many timesLearning curve - takes some getting-used-to in order to use with accuracyHibernation can only be woke up by clicking (movement will not wake it)May not work well on a USB hub (stopped working at hibernate for me more than once)

    Aug 01,2018

  • J. Hunter
    Evet (1) Renk: Black
    Okay, a few issues, but those are specific to me
    So, I'm left handed. It works great with my right hand... I drop it continually... It takes a beating really well - but after 187times hitting the wood floor from about 28" up, the scroll wheel stopped scrolling. The mouse is great, but I'm a klutz. I like to switch hands, and could not use this with my left hand at all, plus I keep it on the wooden arm of my chair where it slides off because it is just a little wider than the wood - and I'm not going to change that bad habit. It is a little bulky, but that is a function of the shape. It is also pretty slick material so some texturing where you grip would help.. I did not notice a big relief in my wrist/thumb arthritis pain, though I used only this mouse a couple months. The company reached out and offered a replacement - but I'm not going to torture another mouse so will go back to a smaller one that won't bounce quite as high when I drop it.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Daisy
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Amazing Reduction in Pain
    This is my favorite mouse. I use one at work and after starting to use it, my hand and wrist pain just completely disappeared. Maybe 2-3 days of using it I was better. It was amazingly easy to transition to. I'd tried the Evolent ones and I wanted to pitch them across the room. Drove me absolutely bonkers trying to use those. - This one? Amazing.Regarding battery life - I've had mine at work for 7mo now and have replaced batteries 4 times. Small price to pay for complete pain dissipation.Got one for my husband a while back and he uses it on the chair arm and has no issues. Games with it, too, and again, no issues.I'm ordering one for myself for home to trade out for my gaming mouse. I don't use the extra buttons on the gaming mouse, so this works!

    Jul 10,2018

  • Nick
    Evet (1) Renk: Black
    Strongly not recommend
    I bought 2 mouse. And both not good working. Not work on the black, darck and gray surface and all mousepad with this colors. Bad work on the table. Only on the wite paper sheet is working. I have big problem wit mouse for my money!After this, I bought exactly like that mouse from Aliexpress, but other manufactures, whit price 10 usd - any problem with it working on all surfaces. This mouse not costs this money with bad working!!!!!!!In the attachment 1 and 2 - bad mouse from Gearbest ( with gray label), and 3 and 4 - very good mouse from Ali ( with black label)

    Dec 19,2018

  • Scott
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    A bargain mouse for my wrist
    I work on a computer most of the time, and found that I was experiencing some discomfort at my wrist, from making too many “clicks” on a standard two button mouse. I also had pain in my shoulder, and needed to get some relief. I had never used a vertical mouse before, but this mouse had a good rating and was also on sale, so I went with it.Using a vertical mouse felt a little strange at first, but it did not take long to get very comfortable with using one. Being wireless provides great freedom and flexibility, and the level of control and response is very good most of the time.

    Jun 23,2018

  • Brian
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Amaing mouse if you have hand discomfort
    Amazing mouse. I have a weak base thumb as a result of three pregnancy swells and typing for work. I had to find something other than going to therapy weekly for the pain relief. I bought this after it made sense to me that the way you hold this mouse is like the relaxed hand position. I paired this with a slanted ergonomic keyboard and the pain is a lot less. I type extensively for work and I love this mouse. In the year that I've owned it, I've had to change the battery once. The cursor movement is real smooth and the side thumb buttons are super helpful.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Derek
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    I like the design
    I like the design, it's comfortable on my wrist most of the time, but it has two major issues that compound with each other. The mouse is too light, and the buttons are too hard to press. On a normal mouse this isn't an issue because you are traditionally pressing the mouse button straight down towards the desk, so there is resistance to click the button. On this vertical mouse, I'm clicking sideways to press the button, and since the mouse is so light, there is little resistance to allow the button click. This is a problem because when I click the buttons.

    Jul 01,2018

  • Stanley
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Excellent ergonomic mouse
    If you're suffering from pain while using a standard mouse , this is the mouse to get.It does the most important thing it works and it relieves tension on your arm/wrist/underarm area.1.2 years in and still going strong. Relieved my carpal tunnel symptoms almost immediately. I used to edit videos/media 10-15 hours a day and my wrist and underarm /forearm area was painful. I also would spend hours on the net at home.After getting this mouse I have not had carpal tunnel like symptoms return.It's pretty durable too.

    Jul 04,2018

  • Don
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Wrist Mouse
    Took awhile to get use this device, but once I figured how to use it. It's just more comfortable, works so well that I can't use my roller ball mouse. Have carpal tunnel surgery and this mouse really helps. It's a very little investment and if you like it you will use it. Perhaps soon enough to prevent some wrist damage.

    Dec 03,2018