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  • Chummy
    (both images are after about a week of wear) this is a cute little set,i found that each color had different overall quality when applying,most of the pinks needed about three coats while the gray blue color applied perfectly with two,its almost impossible to fit all fingers underneath the lamp so I just hold the lamp over my fingers with my fingers over my palm,overall this is convenient for someone like a college student or someone who likes to do nails at home and have fun or simply just a starter kit to get familiar with the process of gel nails,if you want something more professional you might want to loo into buying everything separately or a larger or more professional kit

    Oct 22,2018

  • HarkerElectronics
    I do my own nails at home and started doing gel nails only recently,i wanted to buy a no wipe top coat for my gel kit and a good base coat to go along with it,i would like to start by saying that both these products are of very very good quality,the brushes are made of high quality bristles which help to spread the product on the nails smoothly and in thin layers,i particularly love the top coat as it gives a very glossy finish and being a no wipe top coat it is not messy,overall this is the perfect base and top coat combo for anyone looking for high quality gel base and top coat at an afforbadle price

    Apr 15,2018

  • Elliott S. Mccrory
    Super simple to use and makes my nails feel nice and smooth,the polishes go on a little thick so I had to make sure I put each layer on super even and thin,that being said each layer of nail polish I put on left my nails feeling sticky and I could easily pick up finger prints and lint,the top coat however resolved all of this and left my nails feeling nice and smooth and like they were actually fully dry/cured,considering how cheap this product is and for how much is included it's a good kit

    Oct 07,2018

  • Nachtjager
    Skip this one and shell out the extra money and buy a bigger/better light,and better quality polish separately,however you are definitely getting products worth the low price point,the light works really well,i have small hands and I can't even fit my whole hand under it,with some patience you can get decent results out of it,and my nails looked just as good as when I would leave the salon,the colors are perfect for my skin tone

    Oct 15,2018

  • bigfooty
    I have done my toes twice and my fingernails about four times (I also let my roommate use it a few times),there are so many tools that I didn't know existed (beware the cuticle trimmer ...),i have gotten two full manicures out of the one color so far and expect that I will get at least another two if not more,the light works well,pushing it twice etc. as instructed but I will end up needing to run it at least three times per coat

    Sep 21,2018

  • BuilderBob
    Ever since I had my son I haven't been able to go to the salon and I can't paint my nails with regular polish since it takes way too long to dry,with this I am able to quickly do my nails and they are dry almost instantly once cured with the uv,other than that is a great product for a great price,i did much research before buying and i'm content with my purchase,* this was my first time ever doing my nails with gel *

    Aug 30,2018

  • The Pearl Charmers with Eric and Mickayla
    No more $ $ flying out the door every other week as I waste a couple of hours of time,it's as pristine as the day I applied it,it's suggested that this application will last two weeks and it certainly seems likely,the procedure is actually easier than painting your nails with regular nail polish,i've got enough product for months of gel manicures

    Oct 29,2018

  • R. Nischal
    Very happy with this product !! it was delivered weeks prior to expected time,the colors were very close to what was advertised,the only color that was a bit off was the tanner color which is actually a lighter pink,all colors were very pretty though and i'm very happy with the purchase overall

    Mar 02,2018

  • digitalexplr
    The gel polish has been on for a week and it looks just as good as the first day,six small bottles of nail polish (different colors) and one full bottle of top coat,it also come with the led curing lamp and several nail cleaning and buffing tools,this is really a complete set

    Aug 14,2018

  • Tara Macfarlan
    Every set similar to this has mixed reviews and trying to buy all of the pieces together was more than I wanted to spend since i'm a beginner,i'm really glad I got this set,but the lamp is so small it's impossible to cure your whole hand at the same time

    Aug 21,2018