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  • HarleyR.inFL
    The size of the watch face is now smaller to better for my wrist while still being able to see all the tracking easily during my run, it's super comfortable to wear as a daily watch, heart rate monitoring seems accurate or as accurate as any other wrist based model, I haven't had any issues with battery life wearing it daily to work and doing a few runs with GPS and no music before needing to charge, I did decide to purchase a screen protector because I'm a little rough on my watches

    Nov 02,2018

  • frank demori
    It is a little large for my small wrist, the face is also a bit large, it's easy to synch up with your phone and the app works well, I have had previous iterations of this watch and this one runs much more smoothly and the heart rate monitor is a nice added feature, I have to say this watch is a little fancy to be wearing while you're working out, I love the look of this and that it is functional too

    Dec 06,2018

  • Tami R.
    I got my Fitness tracker smart bracelet, its band is soft and comfortable, apart from the multi functions it has like heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor it also analysis the quality of sleep which is an added advantage to take proactive steps to improve on ones sleep, I am thoroughly contend about it and is surely a good to have product for oneself

    Jul 30,2018

  • Manuel Mendoza
    I guess it really depends on what you're looking for in a smart watch, plenty of good watch faces to choose from, the heart rate sensor is reliable and the fitness tracker is mostly accurate, but I've found it's not sensitive enough to register some steps unless your arms are moving in rhythm with your stride

    Aug 14,2018

  • Sometimer
    I like this fitness tracker because of how much you get for such a low price, the heart rate monitor seems accurate and I can even receive text messages on it, not sure if this is just a malfunction with the particular tracker I received but it is disappointing how off the steps are

    Aug 31,2018

  • Gary A Sadler
    Best value in smart watches including water resistance, step and heart rate sensors with excellent fitness tracking, very light with comfortable replaceable wrist band, thousands of watch faces available via Facer and Watchmaker apps

    Nov 25,2018

  • Carl C. Jones
    Quality product from top to bottom, it does not look or feel like a toy like a lot of the smart watches do and for that reason I can live without the heart rate monitor and the ability to use as a stand alone device and lack of gps

    Sep 10,2018

  • gadavada
    The heart rate monitor is great, the main issue is the dials are not visible in all light conditions, you can push a button and wait a few seconds for the digital display to first flash the date, compared to my other watches

    Nov 25,2018

  • Peter
    Diggro T20 Smart
    a good day, the goods arrived at a set time, the package was in order, it contains a guide, a watch and a charger, it all works like me and my mom is completely satisfied with them

    Mar 30,2019

  • Jessica salkoski
    For the price it's great, I like the long battery life and the fact that it's waterproof, if you don't need a heart rate monitor this is a great tracker

    Oct 24,2018