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  • Victor
    Better than I expected
    I was very excited to get this 3D printer. After my homework and researching, decided on this one, hours of youtube and downloading information. I did make sure to follow all pieces of advice, and suggestions, proceeding next awesome moment. Guess what? The print quality is excellent! The model is delicate and beautiful! Highly recommend it!

    Nov 28,2020

  • Alessio
    Amazing Product
    I printed a calibration cube as a test, which came out super clean. It worked right out of the box after an extremely easy assembly and I was impressed with well it works at the speed it can work at. But the printer is a little expensive. I plan on using this printer every day. At this moment, the printing quality is excellent.

    Nov 30,2020

  • Mario
    Great machine
    I love this machine so much, it has the auto bed leveling that works like a charm and the bed that grips when hot and goes when cold. It's the best for beginners and experts, not that I am an expert but I'm sure I will love it when I will be! Easy to set up and use. Just make sure to set a proper offset before the printing.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Leo
    Amazing Product
    If you have any experience with 3d printers, you'll find this simple. If you're not mechanically or electrically inclined, it will take you longer because you're surely being overly cautious.

    Nov 24,2020

  • Tim
    Easy to use
    This printer is awesome. It "just works". After leveling the bed, the print quality is amazing.

    Dec 19,2020

  • LEE
    Worth buying
    I am a first time 3d printer owner, and this printer came highly recommended.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Johnson
    Great product
    Outstanding print quality that rivals much more expensive printers.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Max
    Satisfied and happy
    A solid table surface is good, nothing flimsy or wobbly.

    Jan 11,2021