MGCOOL WAVE Gürültü Önleyici Bluetooth Spor Kulaklıklar

MGCOOL WAVE Gürültü Önleyici Bluetooth Spor Kulaklıklar

- SIYAH 213953601

IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
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Ana Özellikler:
CSR8635 Bluetooth çipi
IPX7 suya dayanıklı
CVC6.0 gürültü azaltma
1 ila 2 bağlantı
Yüksek çözünürlüklü stereo ses
Dahili 100mAh pil



fonksiyon: Telefona Cevap Verme,Bluetooth,Mikrofon,Çoklu bağlantı fonksiyonu,Gürültü Önleme,Şarkı Değiştirme,Sweatproof,Ses kontrolü,Sesli Mesaj,Su geçirmez
Material: PC,TPE
Model: DALGA
Tipi: Kulakta

Ürün Detayları

Uygulama: Spor
Şarj süresi.: 2s
İle uyumlu: iPhone
Bağlantı arabirimi: Mikro USB
Bağlantı: Kablosuz
Frekans tepkisi: 20 - 40KHz
Empedans: 32ohms
Müzik desteği: 7 - 8 saat
Duyarlılık: 98 dB
Bekleme süresi: 220 saat
Konuşma zamanı: 7 - 8 saat

Genişletilmiş İşlev

Bluetooth: Evet
Bluetooth mesafesi: W / O engelleri 10m
Bluetooth modu: Eller serbest,kulaklık
Bluetooth protokolü: A2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP
Bluetooth Sürümü: V4.1 + EDR

Pil Bilgisi

Akü Kapasitesi (mAh): 100mAh Li-ion pil

Boyut ve Ağırlık

Paket Boyutu (L x G x Y): 11.00 x 8.50 x 4.00 cm / 4.33 x 3.35 x 1.57 inç
Paket ağırlığı: 0.1800 kg
Ürün ağırlığı: 0.0170 kg

Paket içeriği

Paket içeriği: 1 x MGCOOL WAVE Su Geçirmez Bluetooth Kulaklık
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses
IPX7 Suya Dayanıklı / Çoklu Bağlantı / Yüksek Çözünürlük Sağlam Ses

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Müşteri Yorumları

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  • Mike ZR
    Evet (3) Renk: Black
    The headphones came in a nice box with the headphones, extra fittings and charging cable. First impression that the headphones almost feel like a really cheap plastic. It was half the weight of the wireless beats I had previously owned. I took the headphones out of the package and charged them. A red light will show if it's charging and blue light when it's done; which took about 1 hour to fully charge. The instruction manual was pretty clear on how to sync your headphones to your phone. Just hold the large button on the right ear (large gray area on the right ear is a discreet button) headphone for 5 seconds and it’ll start discovering your device. They fit pretty snug and comfortably in-ear. It's really lightweight so you can move pretty freely with them on. They have two other additional sizing to get you that perfect fit. The difference with this and most over-the-ear style headsets is that the connecting cable between headsets is on the ear hook side and not the headphone side. The good thing about this, is that this secures the headphone better onto your ear because the weight of the cable will slightly pull down the hook closer onto your ear. On other styles, the hook would get loose and the fit wouldn't be as secure. You do not have to worry about that with this headset. I do sometimes miss the mic button to answer my phone during workouts, but I can live without it. You have to hold down the volume up button to change tracks. I'm a terrible sweater, and so far they survived three waves of my sweat storms. Just make sure you clean them after workouts for good maintenance. Overall, a lightweight and comfortable headset.

    Jan 19,2018

  • Jatinder Koranga
    Evet (6) Renk: Black
    WOW!! Best Value for Money Bluetooth Sports Earphones in the market!
    I have been using them for 3 days. I had bought them mainly for my gym sessions.

    Build quality and finish of the earphones is superb. My friends at office and gym were astonished to find out they were only $16.12 .

    They look very premium. Sound is very very good. Infact, i use them even as a daily driver as they sound similar to my Xiaomi in ear headphones hd.

    Connectivity,charging time and playback duration range is as described in specifications. I sweat a lot in the gym but i don't worry as these are sweat and waterproof as well.

    Lastly, they fit perfectly in my ears. I don't do a lot of cardio but they never fell off while working out.
    As i mentioned in pros they fit quite snugly and never fell off while working out. But, sometimes the wire gets tangled a bit. Maybe i'm just nitpicking here :-)

    Believe me these are the best Bluetooth Sports Earphones out there especially at this price point.

    I have tried Bluetooth Sports Earphones from Samsung, Skullcandy, Plantronics, Crossbeats and Jabra previously which cost atleast 3 times more but MGCool Wave blows them out of the park.

    Don't think too much. Just buy them as the price has been lowered even further.
    Please like my review if you found it helpful.

    Sep 23,2017

  • Valer
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Gearbest is super store!!!!!
    Очень удобные, не выпадают из ушей.
    В комплекте 3 пары амбушюр разных размеров.
    Качество звучания для блютуз гарнитуры на высоте.
    Соединение с телефоном мгновенное.
    Пластик приятный на ощупь, качество сборки на 10 из 10.

    Хочу поблагодарить магазин за то, что взамен потерянных (скорее всего украденных на таможне Беларуси) выслали безвозмездно новые, несмотря на то, что посылка не была застрахована и я выбрал бесплатную доставку. Не пожалейте пару баксов на доставку и получите товар гарантированно.
    Было бы не плохо, если бы в комплекте был чехол, но за такую цену (14 баксов) это не минус.

    Mar 23,2018

  • Dário Freitas
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Really a bargain!
    Lightweight and very ergonomic (fits like a glove, i didn't need to use the other ear adaptors included), excelent outside noise reduction, bright sound (fantastic bass)! Has 3 buttons on right earphone, 2 for volume/backward-forward and 1 multifunctional (turn on/off, answer/rejectg call, etc), and a built-in microphone so that you can answer your calls and finish them without touching your phone - works perfectly!! Great deal, a marvellous equipment for a very low price, really a bargain!! I strongly recommend you to buy it!
    No cons whatsoever!

    Nov 15,2017

  • Dejan
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Amazing headset
    I'm quite surprised by overall quality of this headset; it feels top-notch and sounds better then multiple times more expensive headsets. They work without any issues, have clear and detailed instructions, and sound is, quite good. I love thing that they supply 3 different sizes of ear buds, so they can fit any ear size. Only thing I have to test, is battery life, but for that I'll need to do bit more testing, but it looks like they might last quite long.
    So, warm recommendation to anybody who needs something like this
    None that I have noticed

    Jun 27,2017

  • Chanakya
    Evet (2) Renk: Black
    better now than never
    * bass output is good
    * treble is okay
    * clarity of music is good
    * waterproof ipx7
    * noise cancellation
    * fast Bluetooth connectivity
    * volume adjuster button that also functions as next and previous button
    * inbuilt audio notifications in the earphones
    * speaks the phone number when you get a call
    * tangle free wire connecting both the earpiece
    * led notification
    * notification led light bleeds through the body
    * build quality is fragile but okay in it's price category
    * should have included a hard carry pouch

    Aug 27,2017

  • Craig
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Great set of Bluetooth earphones
    The sound quality is great for the price you pay.
    Easily fit into my ears and the plastic arms hold onto my ear comfortably
    Batteries built into both earphones so you don't have the battery situated in the middle of the cord like most other Bluetooth sports earphones.... this makes them far more comfortable than other earphones when running as the battery isn't bouncing on your neck or side of face.
    Battery lasts as long as I need it, never run out whilst exercising
    Out the box the bass is a bit overpowering, but this also depends on what music you are listening to (I just changed the equaliser in my music app and sounded great afterwards) .Music designed for bass does sound good.

    I would definitely buy another pair

    Feb 23,2018

  • Pedro
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Very good for a budget
    Before this I owned a Meizu EP51 (which lasted no more than 3 months) and I think I prefer this one. Although it has a plastic build, it feels resistant. Bluetooth pairing can be a bit annoying sometimes, but it definitely does the job. The sound is decent and battery life surprised me, actually (it holds about 50% more charge than the EP51).

    Aug 19,2018

  • Maciej
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    Tanie, dobrze wykonane słuchawki bluetooth
    Dobrze wykonane, porządnie spasowane, dobry zasięg (w moim przypadku z telefonem xiaomi mi6), już pare razy użyłem na siłowni i rewelacja, bo chodzilem po całym klubie, a telefon postawilem opo srodku w dobrym, miejscu, faktycznie nie słychać przebić od dotykania kabla. Polecam
    ładne i eleganckie pudełko, w sam raz na prezent
    Nie do końca tłusty bass, ale to bluetooth więc nie ma co się spodziewać. Ale mimo to bass jest odczuwalny, ale nie jak po kablu. Drugi mini minus, to trochę za duży główny guzik, łatwo sie wciska, co powoduje np. włączenie w kieszeni itp. ale ogólnie to słuchawki na 5 + !

    Aug 28,2017

  • Soumya
    Evet (0) Renk: Black
    A very good product.
    Build quality is good, sound quality is decent, bass is too good, buttons are rugged. I have been using it for nearly two months and has been good quality wireless head phone within the price range. Many people did enquire about it when watched me wearing it, which means it looks good too. Most importantly I use it while jogging and it's really good.
    Battery life can improve a lot. The LED light for it's on and off could be well placed. Earbud gives a bit of pain, I use the one provided by Sennheiser.

    Feb 24,2018

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