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  • Alfredo Mujica
    I got this to replace my old chargers that were getting loose and not consistently charging my phone anymore without going on and off with any slight movements of the phone, These chargers are comfortable length for any situation, Amazing for the price I wish I always had charger cables this long

    Oct 04,2018

  • Roxie
    There is no issue charging our toothbrushes and it charges our iPhones and iPads quicker than the standard chargers, The only issue is that they do take up more space on a power strip or wall outlet, so you can not have multiple large plug in devices next to each other

    Apr 19,2018

  • lex
    usb charger
    брал по акции за 86 рублей, за такие деньги очень удачное приобретение, со своей задачей справляется, 2А выдает, но не стал бы использовать этот режим, так как корпус сильно нагревается, про компоненты вообще молчу. в режиме 1А работает без проблем

    Feb 14,2019

  • Richard Lewis
    I initially bought it for a trip to Europe so that I could charge my cellphone and my Fitbit at one outlet -LRB- European adapter fits perfectly -RRB-, I'm so happy to have found this product !!

    Apr 07,2018

  • C.C
    usb adapter
    works well.
    two usbs can be used without any problems
    charge quickly.
    smaller than you think but does the job
    I recommend this to all.

    Jun 18,2019

  • hugo arevalo
    the means to charge that device is unavailable, These little wall chargers are very cost effective to have in the suitcase or backpack, Great product, very fair price

    Feb 07,2018

  • Fuzz
    Bigger than you think so it won't fit in all outlets -- for example the ones on certain bedside lamps in hotel rooms it jams up against the lamp and won't fully insert

    Oct 07,2018

  • Ross B.
    Great product, Works great charging my phones and other devices, but turned out to be a defective charger that came with it, Glad I made the purchase

    Jan 07,2018

  • Care
    buen producto es sencillo y cumple con su función sin ningún problema, es carga normal en ambos puertos pero el cargador no se calienta al usarse

    Mar 21,2020

  • Danz
    Dual USB Wall charger
    Great dual usb wall charger. Charged smartwatch, phones and pad without any issues

    - compact
    - inexpensive
    - 2 level of power

    - none found

    Apr 18,2019