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  • Brian M. Schmid
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    I bought this to work on my metal earth model kits and they are indispensable tools to have when working on them, these are sharp cutters and make a clean cut without warping the rest of the metal frame on the kit

    Sep 21,2018

    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    I was very surprised when I came upon these flush cutters, my hobby is restoring antique radios and I needed a new pair of flush cutters, you won't be disappointed with these little cutters

    Sep 12,2018

  • Adams - Ohio
    Evet (2) Renk: Night
    They price is super low and they cut nice, I hadn't owned a set of wire cutters this small but they sure are handy, these will be my go to for cutting smaller wires from now on

    Sep 21,2018

  • Adonne Loggins
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    For the price these are great, I have been using flat cutters for years just for that purpose the cut the tie off perfectly at the base so nothing sticks up to cut you

    Sep 10,2018

  • Clarence Samuel Rhoden
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    Pliers Electrical Wire Cable Cutters Cutting ... used it my extened kits for field soldering and replacement of parts, great for the price

    Oct 09,2018

  • P. W.
    Evet (6) Renk: Night
    These little cutters feel great in the hand because of large handles and the rubber on them, great little project tool to say the least

    Sep 01,2018

  • Janet V.
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    These are awesome little cutters for the money, i've used them every single day since I bought my first pair and they've held up well

    Aug 27,2018

  • Dina
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    I do a lot of digital electronics projects and these have been working very well for making close cuts in tight spaces

    Sep 14,2018

  • Tim Reed
    Evet (0) Renk: Night
    I should have bought these a long time ago when building electronic circuits instead of using larger cutting pliers

    Oct 15,2018

  • D.A.
    Evet (9) Renk: Night
    The standard for flush cutters, not good for hard wire, easy to use all day long because they are light weight

    Sep 27,2018