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  • RC GUY
    I have finally found the best desk lamp for my home office, and nothing's ever given just the perfect amount of light, this lamp is sleek, I can put it on full brightness when I'm reading text books or change to lower power settings if I'm surfing the net or go even lower if I want to play videogames or watch movies on my screen, materials are top quality and it's very easy to position the lamp so the LEDs aren't blinding you, that was my biggest problem with other lamps ... the exposed bulb, I also love that the power button for this lamp is illuminated when it's off so it would be easy to see in a dark room

    Dec 14,2018

  • Fernando Rivero Hernandez
    This LED Desk Lamp is awesome, I have a fixer house and only have floor and table lamps in my living room and throughout the house and I find myself constantly switching different lamp configurations on/off depending on the lighting I would like in the living room, on the touch panel is also each an up and down arrow to adjust the light setting as you want, bonus is that it has a USB charging port, I makes it fit into my `` scheme'' better and I can keep an eye on the cleanliness of the electronic product, it will be interesting to see how long the led lights will last years

    Aug 26,2018

  • Cobra
    We needed a lamp for the computer desk since this town home doesn't have overhead lights in many of the rooms, this lamp is perfect for us to read, it has a very bright white light, a dimmer white light, and a dim yellow-ish light, I prefer the dimmer light when I am just doing something nearby the computer, and the brighter lights when I am actually reading something at the desk

    Jul 30,2018

  • Nick DeLaRosa
    Love the adjustable light intensity and the ability to switch between super bright LED to a warm incandescent feel, this lamp is being used in a small art production studio where overhead lights aren't bright enough for close work, and compact enough not to take up valuable flat space, the USB port is a welcome addition and charges the iPhone fairly quickly

    Nov 21,2018

  • TheClark's
    I didn't think I would because it's a bit more hi-tech and utilitarian than I typically like for home stuff, this has a USB port and if you get short cords, I like the different settings for light-type as well, soft white bulb light - but the fact that you can choose which setting to have it on and that each is for a specific purpose reading, functional looking lamp

    Nov 05,2018

  • Kindle_Meister
    While this desk lamp was lower priced than a competing model I have elsewhere in the house, the USB charging port is a nice addition, but the ability to set multiple light intensity levels and to vary the color temperature is the main attraction, having a small LED behind the touch-sensitive `` on'' switch makes it much easier to find in a darkened room

    Jul 29,2018

  • Debbie M
    This LED desk lamp is a nice lamp with a good price, it blends in perfectly with my piano black frame monitor and other desk accessories, there are several light levels from reading light to night light, there is also a timer that you can set the time to avoid walking in the dark after leaving the desk

    Nov 05,2018

  • Marikris
    Nice desk lamp for the sale price, going to nitpick and say the power button LED is a little annoying as it glows red when powered off and the light bleeds over to the ` sleep' button making it look like it is illuminated too, the adjustable light levels are great and it remembers the last setting

    Dec 11,2018

  • Kim M
    This light is amazing, it provides perfect reading conditions for my treadmill stand-up desk and stays out of my way, when I need to rotate it down or inward to provide lighting for documents scans on my smartphone this lamp is my trusted partner, the various lighting shades are excellent

    Sep 14,2018

  • Crossman
    I wanted a bright LED light for my night stand, this lamp is excellent, dimmable and has other light settings, and has a USB port for phone charging, what doesn't come across in the description is that the light is very maneuverable - the light part can be moved, plus price was great

    Aug 22,2018