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  • аз
    Доста дълго продавача не ги изпращаше,имаше проблем с наличността на склад.Скед това трябваше да проверят качеството и това около месец продължи и се наложи да търся съдействие от администрацията на сайта и бях помолен да съм търпелив.Предполягам,че наистина е имало някакъв проблем но търговеца трябваше да ме уведоми,че има проблем.Като цяло добро качество на продукта.Сензора е много чувствителен и реагира бързо.За разговор е перфектни и се чува перфектно и в двете посоки.Неприятното е че дори докато са в кутията се свързват понякога с телефона и аз незнам защо.За слушане на музика са много добре но баса е малко и не достатъчно.Катоцяло съм доволен и затова 4 звезди.

    Apr 01,2020

  • Kwadrat Wespazjan
    Bluedio T-elf 2
    + Quite comfortable touch control on side of earphone
    + Possibility to turn off one receiver and use only other one (very easy)
    + Auto-induction vork good
    + Quick pairing
    + Quite loud with good bass
    + Good battery life
    + Small case easy to carry

    - Sometimes too sensitive touch panel on side of earphones, always when take in and out of case You touch control panel and they are start to play
    - App from Bluedio is useless, no functionality at all
    - Very plastic, build quality could be better

    Simple small wireless earphones with some functions in very good price. I can recommend for someone who want to start with these kind of earphones.

    Jan 28,2020

  • joe
    Great quality for the price!
    This is my first experience with fully wireless headphones, and I'm impressed. After the initial pairing, the earbuds auto turn on and pair when you remove them from the case, and they pair fast enough. They are suitable for listening to some rock and roll. Class of songs. The size of the headphones is good, not too big. It is very comfortable to wear, suitable for long-term use. The way the earphones fit the ear blocks all outside noise, allowing you to enjoy the music better. Ample power in the headset and portable charging case can easily last a whole day.

    Nov 16,2019

  • Wai
    Great Product
    They are my first pair of true wireless headphones, so I don't have that much of a comparison point. Used it for phone calls and they sound good during the communication as the mic picks up the conversation pretty well. My family really likes these Earbuds. They are easy to set up and the earbuds will pair automatically with your phone when you take them out the charging case. I tried airpods from my friend before and these earbuds are much better. I like the ear tips these earbuds have because they are always comfortable to wear.

    Nov 13,2019

  • Matt D.
    Beautifully designed headphones
    The first thing to unpack is that they look great, very lightweight, the quality is great, the Bluetooth pairing is very simple, the sound quality is great, the bass is full. The sound quality is the same as airpods, if not better. Also the microphone is better on these. When I called my friends on the airpods they always asked me to repeat myself and now on these earbuds they hear me talking the first time.

    Nov 16,2019

  • seigafolava
    Love these!
    I really like these and quite surprised by the quality. They are also pretty accurate at bass reproduction (although I am also not a huge fan of heavy bass headphones). They are pretty good at playing most of the music I listen to although some music isnt reproduced so well like heavily distorted metal (these only make that effect sound worse). I would recommend these.

    Nov 07,2019

  • Wolfgang
    Comfortable, good sound quality, easy to use
    Purchased this item from a recommendation from a friend and it has lived up to my expectations. Perfect, comfortable, good sound quality, easy to use. Both my wife and I have used it separately and together as each bud can work individually. The sound quality is very good and so far same with the battery life but haven't fully run them down and recorded the time.

    Nov 10,2019

  • Keith M.
    Amazing product
    Received the product today and it's great!!. Paired it up with my Onplus 7T Pro McLaren 5G for the time being. Everything on it works great just need to get down the gestures down. I would recommend this site as I constantly purchase from here and this product. I will be using these for my Lemfo Lem T as soon as it comes in.

    Jan 10,2020

  • Юрий
    Отличная гарнитура
    Качество звука понравилось, наверное лучшие в по цене до 20 баксов. К сожалению попался брак, постоянный обрыв связи, но магазин молодцы пошли на встречу и отправили новые. Отличный персонал в магазине!!! Сразу меняйте амбушюры.

    Jan 26,2020

  • Sreekanth
    Awesome product for the price and it’s more than what is expected. I strongly recommend this product.
    This is one of the best product in the market and working more than what is expected.
    Thanks to GearBest for giving us opportunity to buy international products anywhere.

    Jan 16,2020